Business Cards as a Strong Marketing Weapon for Your Small Business

With this post, I will start a series of posts related to marketing weapons or resources that I claimed in the Marketing resources post. As the first marketing weapon that I will present here are business cards. Every business MUST use them as a strong marketing weapon.

Business cards present a strong marketing weapon that contains all necessary information about your company when some people need your products or services. When we talk about expenses, this is the most effective marketing weapon for small business owners. But, you must remember that they aren’t tools that can cover all data about your business or your products or services. There will be information or messages that cannot be on this marketing weapon.

Something more important is that your cards must give one professional image of your company. An image that can enter the brain of the business card holder and that can encourage specific actions from potential customers.

Different Types of Business Cards as Marketing Weapon

The type and quality of the cards will depend on the type of company you are running. Companies that sell consultant services probably will go with better quality business cards printed in color. These cards will be different from cards of a car repair service that you may print in black and white color with the picture associated with car repairing.

Today, you can make business cards in different ways and with different styles, and on different mediums. Here are some examples and different types of this marketing weapon that you can include in your marketing strategy:

Paper based

Paper-based are made from paper. These business cards are cheaper than other one, but they don’t bring a better impression to the prospects. The disadvantage of these paper-based cards is that they can quickly be damaged and discarded in the garbage.

Cardboard based

These cards have dimensions that can ensure their placement in the pocket. If there is no need to make an impression with your card, you can use black and white or one color printing technique. Color cards give a positive impression and a professional image, and because of that, I suggest using them. They are more expensive than black and white or one-color cards but can bring a fast return on investment. At the color business cards, you can place your picture or logo to provide a sense of a well-known person.

Business cards from unusual materials

These are the cards that are made from other materials like wood, metal, stone, etc. You can use these business cards as ornaments which include basic company information. These cards are the most expensive business cards because their production cost is very high. But you can use them on special occasions like an anniversary or signing big contracts as a very effective marketing weapon.

Multipurpose business cards

These are cards like the name suggest the cards that have more than one purpose. These cards can serve as an informative card for your company, and on the other side, like a discount coupon or some other notable information that may be useful for the cardholder. For example, you can put a calendar or town map on the backside of the cards. All business cards that I mention in previous paragraphs you can use as multipurpose business cards. With this type, you can expect cardholders to use it because they have additional important information about you or your small business.

Made by Plastic

These cards are made from paper or cardboard, but after printing, they are laminated with laminating machines. These cards make a good impression on your business. Their quality is good, and they are resistant to damage. On the other side, these cards are a little more expensive than paper or cardboard cards because they have one more process of finishing – laminating.


Electronic cards present mini-CD where you can put different information related to your business. You must open these cards on a computer or other CD reader. Now this card is not so much expensive. But, these cards you can’t use at every moment because you will not have a CD reader on each occasion or location. The electronic business card usually is multipurpose cards because they can contain some tourist guidelines for the country or town where the business operates.


These are cards that use the unconventional medium as chocolate, sugar, coffee, etc. This is a really interesting business card, but their durability is minimal until the media is not destroyed after use.

Digital business cards.

In these times when everything is going online, having a digital card is becoming a necessity. In fact, virtual business cards for WordPress will allow you to be proactive in those business meetings and events.

What Your Business Cards Will Need to Contain?

Frequently asked questions about this marketing weapon is about what they must have as information on them. Here are some recommendations:

  • On the front page of the card you must have:
    • business logo
    • slogan
    • Your name, surname and workplace
    • Business address, telephone number, mobile phone, fax, e-mail and your business web page
  • On the back side of the card you must have:
    • Some advantage that your business offer
    • Products or services that your business offer

In this way, the front side is the side that gives information related to your business, while the back side gives information about your products or services. Now your business card will become a brochure on the back page.

You must remember that your card is the first contact of your business with your prospects and potential customers. And, one more thing, you must share them with people, don’t leave them on the shelf. How much more you disseminate to the prospects, you will have more people entering your sales funnel.

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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