Your Marketing Messages Needs These Answers…

Marketing Messages

Your marketing effort is one of the most important efforts that you as an entrepreneur will need to take in your small business. If you succeed in these efforts, you will succeed as an entrepreneur and your business will be on the right path.

Each of your potential customer makes buying decisions about your products and services. These decisions in the simplest form can be YES (that you want) and NO (that you don’t want). Your marketing efforts need to communicate with your potential customers to help them to make the right decision.

In this post, I would like to mention some of the most-used questions of your potential customer when they are in the process of decision making.

1. It is Too Much Expensive for Me

One of the first questions that they ask themselves is how much it will cost them. Immediately, after they receive the answer they will compare in their mind to find the worthiness and do they have enough money to afford your products and services.

If your marketing message is not designed to help them to find this answers in several seconds you probably will lose prospective customers for your business. How you can answer these questions?

First think about answers on these questions:

  • Is your product that can bring to your customers more money?
  • Can they earn more?
  • How much time they will need to return their investment in your products and services?

If your marketing messages explain these answers, then they can much quickly decide to buy from you. The more important is that they will have a clear understanding about the value that they will receive.

2. How Much Time I Will Save? Can I Be More Productive?

Marketing MessagesSometimes customers except money use their time to compare the value that they will get. You know that a time is a money. Everyone wants to save their time, to be more productive adding the same or the best value as a result of their activities.

If your product is something that makes that possible, then your marketing message needs to be designed in such a way that it explains quickly about these values of your products and services.

3. Is It Something That Will Work for Me?

This is a third question that potential customers ask themselves when they are in the stage of a buying decision.

To make these possible traps irrelevant, your marketing messages need to answer this question for your potential customers. Alternatively, at least to help them to answer this question in your favor.

You need to show the same people that use your products and services, and that they worked for them. That’s the best help that your marketing messages can give to your potential customers.

4. How I Can Believe You?

Another question, that is important and that is part of finding answers from your potential customer when they decide about buying your products and services. This is another question that can make it possible to lose your sale, or opportunity of sale.

The best solution for this type of problem is your marketing messages to show social proof about you and your messages.

Another possible solution, if you haven’t already built your social proof is tests, examples or trial period of your products and services.

Many small startup businesses build successful business after they build social proof on the free work in the startup business days. Sometimes in their first days they give part of their services for free, because they want to build a social proof that they have customers and that their products and services really work.

5. I Don’t Need Your Products and Services

This is not a question. This is an answer, the worst answer.

If you receive such an answer on your offer, you are probably on the wrong doors. You missed your target market.