5 Resume Mistakes That Could Cost You the Job

resume mistakes

You may be the right candidate for a job, but one seemingly small mistake on your resume could make you miss out on a job opportunity. Mistakes such as wrong resume format or making claims without measurable evidence could cost you your dream job. As a professional, you are expected to know how to write a perfect resume, but there is a lot of misinformation out there that even the most experienced professional can make a mistake. Read on to learn more about common resume mistakes that could cost you the job.

1. Using an outdated format

Times change and businesses want employees who will help to take their brand to the next level. One sure way to get your resume trashed out is using outdated formatting. Fortunately, resume formatting mistakes are easy to fix. Some of the things that are no longer relevant include resume objective statements, listing a home address, and personal references. Check out resume-example.com for modern resume formats.

2. Too broad of a focus

No two roles are the same, and you should not use the same resume for different job applications. A resume that is too generic is one of the most common mistakes that lead to the automatic dismissal of job candidates. Instead of sending a generic resume to different employers, take your time to understand what an employer is looking for and tailor your resume to fit the job description.

3. Spelling and grammar errors

It may be surprising, but spelling and grammatical errors are the most common mistakes job seekers make. To avoid these errors, have someone else go through your resume. It can be hard to spot these errors when you are the one who has written them. You may also want to pass your resume through AI tools such as Grammarly to scan for contextual spelling and grammatical errors.

4. Claims without measurable evidence

If you boast about improving the efficiency of a process or increasing sales, make sure you can support your claims with real statistics and an explanation of how you achieved these feats. Using quantifiable evidence of the things you have achieved is one of the best ways to show you are the right candidate for the job.

5. Failure to include clear job titles

You need to include clear job titles in your resume. It gives the person looking at your resume any idea of what job you’d be good for. For instance, if you are applying for an executive position in the accounting department, using a vague job title like ‘accounting’ could cost you the job. Use descriptive titles such as ‘Financial Analysts,’ ‘Chief Accountant,’ or ‘Accounting Manager.’ The point is to give your potential employer a frame of reference for your work. Actual job titles show your interviewers your career progression and level of experience.


You may be the most qualified candidate for a job position, but simple mistakes may make you appear inept. You can turn your resume into a powerful career tool that will capture the attention of your next employer by avoiding these mistakes.