How to Transfer Data with Security

transfer data

It doesn’t matter what type of data you are wishing to transfer, it should all be done securely. With most people storing all their personal information in one place, and that ever-important data normally being kept on their person, it is vital that all your information is secure.

It does not matter if this information is something you think is unimportant. If someone can gain access to this information, they can probably gain ways into important data by using clues they have found. It is crucial that you never use children’s birthdays or your birth date even mixing them is not that hard to work out. Making sure you have online banking will make sure you can always track your transactions.

Hacking and scams are on the rise

Hacking and scams are at the highest they have been, with lots of people struggling financially, hacking has become a huge problem. With most of the world shopping online, ordering anything and everything, from birthday cards, food shopping to paying bills online the online world is hot when it comes to people’s personal data! Using a virtual data room provider will be able to send and receive documents in a confidential way.

Protect your devices from the beginning

One way to protect the data you have on you personally is to make sure phones, computers, tablets, and macs have a good password. This should not be given to anyone, by giving this password to a third party you are automatically placing your data at risk. The password you use to gain access to your smart device or laptop should not be the same password to access any of your online accounts. You should also never store your bank card information in your phone, this is a mistake many people make with their pin number, thinking it will be safely stored as a phone number will not work. Having a separate business account is a way to protect your own finances, even if you see yourself as an entrepreneur, it is better to be safe than sorry.

When your data contains personal clues to access your information!

Some of the data you need to transfer will include your bank details, before you transfer any bank information you need to make sure first the account that it’s going to is a legitimate company. The information you give over should not include all of the information that appears on your card but it is important when providing this information that your email should not be the same password you are using to gain access to this company. With banks operating a paperless system most of the time, all your emails will contain some of your bank information. That’s why when it comes to starting a new business online, it will be better for the business if you hire a digital marketing team to handle advertising.

Outsourcing your IT

Protecting your data, and stopping a third party from gaining access to this information, should be done by having a good antivirus on your software, a virtual data room provider, and a secure data encryption program installed. If you have a business outsourcing your IT security, is the safest way to ensure whatever data you send will be secure. Having an authentication process in place will stop hackers from getting access to your system and pretending to be a user with authority.

Importance of why your staff should not have access to files and data

Keeping all business information, even if you have a manager at a minimum will stop inside theft, many people will use your trust to manipulate the authority they have been given, gaining access to client information, business finance information, down to home addresses and medical records more securely. The fewer people that have access to such things the more secure your business will be. Staff will and do steal information, but this is against the law with consequences if the person is caught.

Ensuring all computers and devices that belong to your company have an activity log will show any breaches of security, where they came from, and where they went. You have a duty of care to your staff members and your clients, so any data that is obtained from your company because it has not been looked after or sent in a secure way will ultimately be your responsibility. So having the security at the highest level should ensure that information sent even by a third party in your office should be safe if it is encrypted in an accurate way. Having a virtual data room provider should store information in a suitable way.


Whether you are using your computer or phone for private or business reasons, any of the files or information you send is normally of a personal nature. So ensuring it gets to the correct place in a secure way, should not be something you need to think about, but with hackers and scammers on the rise, this is, unfortunately, something you need to accept as a part of today’s society.

Having the correct software installed on your device should help cut risks to a minimum. Outsourcing your IT to a reputable company is “worth its weight in gold”  if it means your files, data, contracts, contact details, and financial information stays safe. If any breaches happen when this is in place it will be down to the IT company to correct this.