How Can Start-ups Get Twitter Likes and Followers?

get Twitter likes and followers

Growing your brand with Twitter can be a great idea since Twitter has a massive user base that you can take advantage of. Twitter is a great starting point for your business to gain new followers to provide a slight push for your brand.

Having many followers does not only mean a popularity vote. With a substantial following, potential customers are far more likely to trust your brand enhancing credibility. This helps you to make your spot in the industry and shows the customers that you are here for business.

Sometimes start-ups buy 1000 Twitter followers to get started with their Twitter marketing campaign. This is to take advantage of the snowball effect. If you run ads on Twitter and other platforms and people see you already have more than 1K followers, people will be more interested. If you are not sure, you can start with buying 500 Twitter followers also and see results.

Let us look at how start-ups can get more followers and likes on Twitter:

Share relevant information:

Choose a brand identity and try to stick to it. It is always a good idea to know your audience and prepare tweets that would be relevant to them. Whether you are tweeting for a new upcoming sale or for a product launch, if your audience is not interested, it becomes pointless. The best way to understand what your audience loves the most is with the help of Twitter Analytics. Meanwhile, you can check trending topics to take inspiration.

Visual contents are preferable:

Visual content is going to be far more engaging than written words. Sometimes only good words are not enough, it has to look good too. Apart from providing a visual distinction, they also help to make the post more memorable.

Tweet consistently:

Make a habit of sending out tweets on a regular basis. Make a timeline and make a point to stick to it. Posting regularly keeps your tweets at the top of the users’ feed. It is a good idea to create a content calendar and plan ahead of time, keeping a constant cadence.

Take advantage of micro-influencers:

You don’t have to do all the work to increase the number of followers and likes. Micro-influencers can help spread your word in their niche. Try looking for micro-influencers who are willing to promote your business to their audience offering you a better reach and potential followers. Do not buy expensive services of influencers in the beginning as start-ups have less budget. Instead, you can try buying Twitter followers from the cheapest source.

Leverage other channels:

It is quite natural that your business has a presence outside Twitter. You can use this to your advantage. Make sure to add the Twitter link below your email signatures, on your website, other social media pages, and even business cards to ensure customers have the best chances of finding your business. If you see other channels they may have more than 10K followers, this is because they may buy cheap Twitter followers from various companies like BuyTrueFollowers to become famous in less time. This helps them to promote their content with less effort.

Buy followers:

Apart from organic efforts to increase the number of followers and likes on your Twitter profile, buying a handful of followers and likes can be extremely helpful in providing your business with a gentle push. Starting with zero followers often can make potential followers and customers turn away. When you buy real Twitter followers, not only does it build more credibility for your Twitter page but will also contribute towards increasing your brand value. People can also buy 5000 twitter followers to start their Twitter promotion. It would not be wise to buy a million follower overnight which is sure to raise some brows, however, buying Twitter followers and likes in small and reasonable amounts can prove extremely beneficial for your business.