How to Succeed in Enterprise SEO: A Detail Guide

Do you know what makes a website or business enterprise? There are different thoughts behind it. Some people say it depends on the size of the website that means a huge collection of pages and others say it’s the size of the team working behind the site. However, when you need to do SEO for an enterprise company it should not be the same as traditional SEO.

In this post, we will discuss the strategies for enterprise SEO and link-building techniques that are really effective.

Top 5 Enterprise SEO Tactics

1.Targeting Low Hanging Keywords First

When you have thousands of products or pages to rank for, don’t target some specific products and try to rank them on top three. Instead, found second-page keywords and classified them into product categories. You can use AHREFS or SEMrush to explore maximum keywords.

It’s a bit easy to push those second-page keywords on the first page. You will notice significant growth in overall ranking that will boost your revenue definitely.

Without sending too much on off-page SEO you can do that. You just need to tweak your on-page elements like title tag, meta description, and some content tweaks if needed.

2. Update your contents  

When you have selected the group of keywords, you can edit your current content page to match the relevancy of users’ search intent. Google loves content that is updated oftentimes. There are reasons behind it. Because of some content losses its credibility with time. Also, people’s search intent changes over time. An updated content that fulfils user’s requirements is always an example of a good user experience.

You should take care of this thing, keeping up two things in mind. First, the featured snippet helps voice searchers to get appropriate answers. Second, it appears before the organic search result section.

  • Find out question-related keywords. You can use keyword research tools to explore the maximum queries.
  • Use the question keyword in your content under the H1 section and write the specific answer within 100 words.
  • For different kinds of items like how-to, review, recipe, product, lists, FAQ, etc. don’t forget to use schema markup code.
  • After implementing the schema markup, test your page in Google’s rich result tool. If you found any errors then fix them.
  • For thousands of similar types of pages like product pages, use the Google Tag Manager to integrate the schema codes.

If you are running a big website, probably there will be many similar types of pages. In this case, if the pages are not interlinked then you are missing a big opportunity. Search engines discover important pages through inbound links. It helps people to find all related queries in one place.

Outbound links from authority sites are still a game-changer in SEO. It can boost a page’s ranking over the night.

5. Focus on different types of content

Don’t just focus on textual content. Video content is getting more traction than any other type now. Let you are selling knives on your website, a usage tutorial video on the product page can boost your ranking besides a good user experience. Not only videos, use clear images that describe your products perfectly. For videos use transcription texts that are very useful for voice searchers and proper alt text for images. A fully optimized image has a better chance of ranking on Google’s shopping and image searches.

An enterprise website consists of a huge volume of pages. So, you can’t apply the same link-building techniques that are generally used for small business or service websites. Take these below points into consideration when building links for the enterprise sites:

i. Find Your Brand Mentions

If the enterprise site is quite popular, you can use tools to explore where your brand name is mentioned. You will notice that different good authority websites used your brand’s name in their blog or website. Those mentions are natural because the editors know your brands very well. But they forgot to link back to your site. You just need to reach out and request them to insert the link on your brand mentions. In this method, you can get some easy links without investing in almost anything. You can find the brand mentions by using these below tools:

  • Icono Square
  • Buzz Sumo
  • Mention

ii. Leverage Influencer Marketing

If the enterprise selling multi-niche products. Find out influencers for every niche. Reach out to them with free samples and request them to review your product or service. They will be happy to do that.

A tool like Buzz Sumo is quite popular for finding relevant topics. Not only website owners, but you can also target your local social media influencers. They already have a loyal fanbase. Offer them to promote your products. Also, you can hire enterprise SEO services to find out relevant blogs and influencers for building backlinks. 

Before investing in new link building, it’s effective to fix the broken links. You can use tools like AHREFS or SEMrush to find out maximum broken links. Sometimes we have to change some pages or products and replace them with a new page or product. But we don’t take care of the inbound links of those pages. As a result, we lost some good links. You can reach out to those sites editors and let them know that your page’s URL is changed now. They will be happy to do it because they will get rid of an external 404 link.

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