Tips for Getting Your Gaming Company Off the Ground

Online gaming is one of the fastest growing online business models there is today. It is also one of the most profitable. This makes it an attractive business for anyone to get into, and people are taking notice. They are also doing something about it. To get a piece of the action, they are opening their own online casinos in droves.

But as the number of operators increase, so does the competition, and with it comes challenges. Yet this has not deterred people determined to make it in the business.

Follow the steps below to get started.

1) Research the Market

In online gaming, ignorance is not bliss. Thorough research is necessary and crucial for anyone wishing to get into the industry. Only by doing so can one take in the aspects of running an online gaming site. For instance, what is the best gaming software to use? Which games do you want to run? Is a gaming licence necessary, and if so, how does one go about acquiring one?

2) Select an Online Gaming Software Provider

This is a make-or-break issue. After all, the gaming software is the backbone of the operation. It manages accounts, processes payments, handles marketing, and is crucial in fraud management.

There are two types of software providers; those who develop the gaming platform themselves, and those who offer content from other developers. The former charges lower fees and can customise their games to meet individual requirements. The latter charge higher fees but offer many games without the need to sign up with each developer. Fees are payable either monthly or in a lump sum.

3) Get a Gaming Licence

Online gaming sites cannot operate without a licence from the intended market. However, getting one is difficult as different jurisdictions have different regulations and requirements. Costs and taxes vary across jurisdictions as does the duration of getting licenced.

To reduce the costs and hassle of obtaining a licence, a person can partner with a gaming software provider. One can also work under a white label licence. Any offshore jurisdictions used must always be reputable. Good examples are Malta, Denmark, and the UK.

4) Select a Payment System

A payment system is necessary if a casino is to accept payment from players and payout their prizes. The system must support multiple currencies including Bitcoin, and integration with major e-merchants. It must also provide fraud detection services.

5) Work on a Marketing Strategy

It takes aggressive marketing in target jurisdictions to fill an online gaming site with players. Strategies can include advertisements on mainstream media and search engine optimization. A gaming website should also support multiple languages to attract players from around the globe.

Make sure your site works on mobile devices; this is a key marketing claim. Click here to see how one popular site looks on a mobile platform.

There are many people today who would give anything to start their own online gaming business. Unfortunately, they expect to go through a long and complicated process to get this done. What they don’t realize is that opening a gaming site is easier than it seems. You only need to follow the five steps outlined above and you are ready to go.

Dragan Sutevski

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