How to Grow Your Instagram Page and Increase Your Audience Interactions

Is your Instagram page not yielding any fruits in terms of followers and interactions? Maybe there is something you are not doing right. In this case, you are not alone, as many people are also struggling to get more followers and increase engagements to their accounts. Nowadays, most brands and individuals base their performances on likes, comments, likes, shares, story views, and much more. If such is not happening as expected, it means there is low interaction from their audiences.

How does one improve audience interactions? We dug deeper into Instagram algorithms and found out some ways you can grow and increase audience interactions. Here are some tips and tricks to use to grow your account and also increase engagements. 

Buy Social Signals

Have you struggled for long to grow your Instagram account and also increase audience interactions? It is understandable how this process can be tedious, especially when running a business Instagram account. However, followers are what most companies turn into sales. 

If you have tried all means, but in vain, you need to buy social logins, including real followers, likes, shares, and many more, to make your Instagram account active. As highlighted by the team at Social Proof, there are various ways you can customize your account to make it more engaging. These include adding LinkinBio URLs, trading for likes, and other automation services to make your account more active and more inviting to your followers. 

Discover your Best Time to Post

One best, natural way of increasing your Instagram interactions is by posting at the right time. What does this mean? The whole process involves making posts when your target audience is online and not doing it at any other time. When your audience is active, that’s when to post to increase engagement to your account since they can see the post, like, comment, and share in real-time. 

Besides this, Instagram algorithms push posts that have active engagements shortly after you post them. The algorithms will put the post on top of your audiences’ feeds and will gradually replace it as time goes by. Ensure that you spend more time analyzing your account and the audience, then make posts when your target audience is active. 

Start Conversations with Instagram Stories Stickers

Millions of Instagram users love stories and will always check them first before getting to the newsfeed or any other content. Therefore, when doing posts, you need to maximum use the Instagram stories to your advantage. With Instagram stories, you can chat and share experiences and opinions with your audiences, who will become loyal followers of your Instagram account. 

Some of the best stickers you can use to trigger conversations include question mark stickers, quiz stickers, countdown stickers, and others more, depending on your content. Ensure that the stickers you use match your audience. 

Experiment with Videos

Studies done on Instagram have found that people engage more in images than videos on Instagram. This situation might seem as if people like images more than videos on Instagram. While that might be the case, there is a different perspective on this. Instagram images gain more likes than videos, but on the other hand, videos get more comments than images. What does this mean? It shows that videos are more engaging than images. In some studies, videos received twice as many comments as the images.

Instagram algorithms will most likely value posts with more comments than those with more likes. This idea means that a post with more comments will easily be seen than one with the most likes, thus will have higher engagement. Besides this, videos carry more content than images, triggering the audience to know more about your brand or personality. 

Share Data Your Audience Will Love

Share posts and stories that your audience will love to increase engagement and followers. The reason for this is that your audience will love reading, watching, and looking at things they can relate to. For example, if you are into fashion, your audience follows you for that kind of brand. Therefore, they will love seeing posts about fashion and not other unrelated content. 

Therefore, you have to analyze your audience’s wants and develop posts that your audience will love. For instance, if you are an online retailer, you should check on the products that your audience loves and create stories or posts around them to bring in more followers and engagements to your account. 

There is no doubt that Instagram is among the popular social media platforms where everyone and every brand should be. However, without embracing the above tips and others more to grow your account and improve interactions, your account won’t be active. So ensure you do everything highlighted to enjoy the interactions.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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