Do More Work With Less Efforts and Better Quality

The goal of productivity is to help us succeed in more work done with less possible investment in our efforts, but the quality of work done to be on a much higher level than usual. Doing more work with less effort and better quality needs to be your imperative.

Can we achieve that goal? Yes, we can!

This is something that I think about in the last 10-15 years. I’ve always tried to find ways to do more with a better quality of my job, but with less effort. That looks like a Perpetuum mobile. However, on the other hand, that is also imperative to increase current productivity.

When I was a student, I’ve always tried to find better ways how I can learn something quickly without losing something that was important to me. When I start to work in Customs Administration, we need to pass the class to become customs officers. At that time, I’ve made several scripts that contained the most important knowledge, and that can help me in passing the class and at the same time will be useful for future working knowledge. Too many people and probably still some of them use my scripts in their work.

What are you thinking about this? Can you get more done with more quality and less effort? Yes, you can.

In this post, I want to share with you a useful list of tips that if you implement them, you can make this possible. This list is something that I have already used and already received the benefits.

1. Technology is here to help you.

Every day, every hour, every minute, maybe every second there is something new in the form of technology around us. One of the larger purposes of different types of technologies around us is to make us more productive, giving us more freedom. That means that you can make more jobs done, with less time and effort, but with better quality.

With technology in the form of different devices and different apps, you can accomplish more work, with less effort and time, but at the same time with better quality.

If you find something useful try it. See if that can be useful for you or your business. Simply make such technology to be standard for you and your business. You need to invest time to learn how to use it, but after that, you will feel all the benefits.

Because of that don’t escape from technology. Don’t fear to use it, to try it. If you find something useful, try it. Look at the possibilities that will help you to be more productive and make that technology as a standard for future work.

2. Always look at possible improvements.

You can’t find anything that can’t be improved. You can improve your life. You can improve your technology. You can improve the processes that you use. You can improve your habits.

What you can improve? What can you do better today than yesterday, or what can be better tomorrow than today? You need to ask yourself these questions every day if you want to enter into a cycle of continuous improvement to increase your productivity.

Think about that. What can be better? What can be improved? How can be improved? These are the questions that you need to ask yourself every day if you want to be a successful entrepreneur.

You know. The improvements will increase productivity.

3. Shortcuts sometimes will increase your productivity, but what about the results?

I talk about this in the previous post where the conclusion is that shortcuts can be dangerous for your business. You need to think twice before you go with the shortcuts. Sometimes it will give you the time but will decrease your overall productivity.

Sometimes when we want to increase our productivity, we use shortcuts that will help us to save time. However, the shortcuts are something that will increase your productivity only if you finish something quickly, but with better or at least with the same quality of the job done.

Bad quality of the job that you are doing will not increase your productivity, and in most cases will decrease it. Don’t use shortcuts that will not give you better results from using it.

4. Simplification can improve your life

Sometimes we are the biggest creators of complexity in our life and work. Simplicity means a good life for you.

The complexity will reduce our productivity, and we don’t need it. Everything can be simplified. Why complex things, when we can make simple things?

Everything can be simplified. Sometimes because we want to show our superiority, we make stuff to be very complex, that nobody can understand it. Try to simplify everything around you.

5. Prioritization will help you to be more productive.

Prioritization will tell you what is the most important thing that you need to do right now. You need prioritization to help you in achieving what you want to achieve with more quality and less effort.

Different things are different in each aspect and have a different priority for you. Find what’s most important for you and make those things first on your list.

6. Distraction will decrease your productivity and quality of work.

I know that you must read emails, talk with friends, check social media, watching a TV… However, everything needs to be at the right or perfect time.

If you are going to work on your most priority tasks on your list, then work on them without distractions. Distractions will take your focus, and you can’t achieve what you want with better quality

7. Learning is a part of our everyday life.

Every day we learn something new. Tomorrow we will be smarter than today. We need to use what we learn to become more productive.

Learning will increase your business potential energy as an entrepreneur. If you learn, you will know. If you know, you can improve and simplify. If you improve and simplify you can do more with more quality and less effort.