How New Customers Find the Best Online Casino

The range of online casinos and casinos has increased enormously in recent years. Not least due to the upcoming State Treaty on Gambling and the regulation of the industry, there should be further advantages for customers. What should new customers and beginners pay attention to when choosing an online casino? GamblingGuy presents the best online casinos in the USA.

Compare the range of games offered by the casinos

First and foremost, the range of games offered by online casino providers is decisive. The most popular games include table games such as blackjack, poker and roulette, but also slot machines. Most people still know these machines from the pub or the casino. Here they have been given a new design on the digital gaming platform as well as many exciting extras and features. In just a few clicks, players start the slots and can hope to hit the jackpot on the winning lines.

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Licensing for gambling in the US

An important quality criterion for a casino is its licence. Without the legal licence, the provider is not allowed to offer its games online in the USA. Currently, the situation on the market is quite confusing. This should change by June 2021 at the latest when the new State Treaty on Gaming comes into force. For the first time in years, casino operators in Germany will have the opportunity to obtain a US licence. This should have a positive effect on regulation and gives players the chance to compare the offers of online casinos with each other.

The most important comparison criteria include the games, the use of the interface, the entry, the security and the flexibility in terms of winnings and stakes. What deposit and withdrawal options does the casino offer its users? What are the requirements for players to create an account? On a legal basis, a player must be at least 18 years old and thus legally competent to deposit money in a casino and play with it.

The best newcomer discounts and bonuses at the casino

What about the bonuses and discounts players get once they open an account and make the first deposit? The range of online casinos has grown steadily in recent years. Based on this, the portfolio of rebates has multiplied.

For example, some providers offer a so-called no deposit bonus for opening the account as well as a bonus as soon as the player makes the first deposit. For example, if the provider offers a 100 % deposit discount and the player deposits 100 euros, 200 euros in play money will end up in the account at the casino. This gives players the opportunity to test all the functions without having to bet all their money. Those who want to have their rebate paid out later should adhere to the specified bonus conditions. For example, the casinos expect a certain number of games in a given period of time in order to fully unlock the winning amount. Inexperienced players should therefore read the voucher conditions carefully and, especially in the beginning, only make small, conservative bets so as not to put all their eggs in one basket. In any case, users should only ever play with freely available capital that they do not need either for upcoming expenses or for the fixed costs due. No gambler can influence gambling – even with years of experience. 

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