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Day 2: Communicate the Ideas – Improve Your Business in 77 Days

communication - customer service

We are now in second day in our challenge to improve your business in 77 days. Previous day was about improving the creativity process in your business that will bring as much as possible more quality ideas.

If you succeed in increasing creativity in your business, you will have many ideas that can be implemented and can have a possibility to increase your business potential energy.

You are not alone, and the idea would not be only for you if you realize it. Communicate the idea and get the improvements of that communication.

However, not every idea is worth for immediately an implementation. On the other hand, you can’t implement everything now. In such a way, you and your business will lose the focus and probably the quality of the implementation will be on the low-level.

Because of that as a first step, or the first thing that you as an entrepreneur can improve after improving creativity is to improve the process of communicating the ideas that’s resulting from the creativity process.

It can be ideas for new products or services development. It can be ideas for improvements of the technological process. It can be new marketing ideas. It can be new sales processes. It can be everything new that until today your business didn’t have.

Communicating ideas for improvement means to show and discuss them inside and outside of your company. You need a process to communicate the ideas resulting from the creativity process.

Inside communication

77 Improvement in 77 Days ChallengeYour ideas need to be communicated inside your business because they are only ideas. Each idea can be improved if it is looked from different viewpoints inside your company.

Outside communication

Outside communication is needed to check your ideas with your outside world as your closest community.

Some ideas can’t be communicated with the outside world because of secrecy. However, probably the possible results from the ideas always can be communicated with the outside world. For example, you can’t communicate ideas for technological improvements, but you can communicate the results as a better-quality products, smaller research and development cycles, better production time, lower costs of production…

The process of communication of your ideas has the purpose to check what the world thinks about them, and if the world wants them is it there something that can be improved according to their needs. The important part of this process is to check are the ideas meet customers expectation, needs and desires.

Before you start with communication you need to create the process. Here are several questions that you need to answer:

  • What is your purpose of communicating the ideas? Remember that different ideas will have different purposes.
  • Why should the other side care about that ideas?
  • What you like the other side to do?
  • What is the community with which you like to communicate your ideas?
  • What are the benefits of the ideas?
  • What will be possible improvements for the idea from the communication process?

Let’s look at some tips that can help you in improvement of the process of communication the ideas as results of the creativity process.

  • Use visualization effect when you communicate the ideas.
  • The best communication is when there are two sides in the process and there is two-way communication.
  • Use more than one way to communicate your ideas.
  • Find persons inside or outside your business that will listen and give you the feedback.
  • Ask questions. Ask a lot of questions.
  • Communicate the results in a form of possible benefits, not the idea itself, or their features.

We will continue tomorrow with the third day where you will work on improvement of the community with which you communicate your ideas.

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