Here is How You Can Improve Your Business Community

Here is How You Can Improve Your Business Community

We are on the third day of our challenge to improve your business in 77 days. The previous day was about improving the process of communicating the ideas that have come from the creative process in your business. Now we will work on the improvements of your business community.

With the previous two days, you have improved your business’ creativity process, bringing as many quality ideas for your business. Furthermore, you have improved the communication of each idea inside and outside your business, bringing the potential to improve the idea.

But, the world with which you communicate your idea is your community around your business. If the community is larger and of better quality, it will add more business potential energy to your business ideas.

The Groundwork to Improve Your Community

The purpose of this day in this challenge is to work on the improvements of the community with which you will communicate the ideas from your business.

If you want to be sure that the results from the ideas will be accepted and wanted from the extended community you need to communicate the ideas with:

  • Real community,
  • Enough large community and
  • Enough quality community.

This process is like planting the seeds about the future of your business. If you succeed in building a real, quality, and a large community around your ideas, you will have a much larger potential to succeed with those ideas. You will have future supporters. You will have more future buyers. That reason alone is why business networking for entrepreneurs is an integral part of expanding and improving your business community or simply enhancing your business knowledge.

Build Creative Community Around Your Company

Today all businesses create, serve and depend on a community. Esther Dyson and Chad Dickerson (Etsy’s CEO) give us great lessons on scaling and managing a creative community.

1. Right Community Around Your Ideas?

But, what you need to improve?

First, you need the right community around your ideas.

What this mean?

This means that the community members will need to be persons who need something that you and your business made. They must have problems that your business solves or can solve in the future. If you ask the wrong community, you cannot expect to receive the right feedback for your ideas.

Ask this questions to find is your community the right community for your ideas:

  • Are the community members persons who need my products and services?
  • If they aren’t, where I make a mistake or what is the community that needs my products and services?
  • What are the biggest problems and frustrations of that community?
  • Is my idea something that can solve their problems and frustrations?
  • How can I define the best community for me to communicate my ideas with them?

2. Size of Your Business Community

The next important thing is the size of the community.

If the community is larger, thеn you will have more feedback about your ideas. More feedback means more improvement ideas for the basic idea that you communicate with the community. More improvements for the basic idea mean that your future business will be closer to the real customer’s needs.

Ask these questions and answer them if you want to find ideas to improve or increase your community:

  • What is the size of my community?
  • Where are the potential persons that can be part of my community?
  • What I need to do to increase my community?
  • How I can increase my community with the real persons?

3. Quality of Your Business Community

The third thing that you can improve when it comes to your community is the quality of the community itself.

You don’t want a community that will not give you feedback about your ideas. Also, you don’t want the community that will be inactive. You want a business community where there will be two-side communication. You want the community that will share their first impressions about you and your business.

Use this questions as ideas to improve the quality of your community:

  • How many persons in my community are active and contribute to the basic ideas?
  • How can I encourage activity in my community?
  • Where can I find real contributors in my community?
  • What do I need to do to attract the right persons in my community?

Availability of You and Your Business to the Community

As you can see, these questions will lead you to different possible activities that you can do to improve your community. Make a list and start with the improvements. They will increase your business potential energy.

Another thing that you need to think about is the availability of you and your business to your business community. Can they easily find you, talk with you or ask you and someone from your business team? You can be available through your blog, your website, email, social media… However, be sure to include free phone calls as 0800 phone numbers that can be available to your community if they want to connect with your business about everything that they will need. This type of toll-free line will encourage your community to contact you and share their ideas and needs with you, which you can include in your improvement process.

We will continue tomorrow with the fourth day, where you will prioritize your ideas.