6 Tips to Boost Attention Towards Your Custom Business Signs

You’ve already set up outdoor signage but the problem is that no one batted an eye on it. You’ve been questioning what aspect the signage was lacking. Was it in terms of the material? Was the size too small to be seen or too big that it was overly intimidating to the public? Or was it because of the poorly designed layout? Whatever the reasons, you knew too well that there was something wrong with how the signage went about and we’re here to help you correct those mistakes.

1. Select striking colors

There’s always the common misconception that colors with vibrant hues are too excessive and overwhelming in a design. Well, that may be true to some extent, but do not let this stop you from incorporating them into your signage. These colors increase the readability and legibility of the words on the signage and at the same time, making other elements such as images stand out. So, if you have words that should be given greater emphasis, bright colors are perfect for it. The key to a good color choice is to study color theory and understand which colors contrast each other. Do some experiments with certain combinations of colors until you find which works best for the image of your business. It is also recommended not to overuse multiple vibrant colors to the point of excluding those with lighter hues.

2. Be creative with shapes

The usual shapes we have learned about were circles, triangles, and squares. We’re not discouraging you from using them but you can do more by exploring abstract shapes and even merging multiple shapes to form a unique image that could be utilized for your signage. As long as the elements stay true to the overall design, you are free to include them. These could also serve as the basis for your signage’s figure especially if you prefer not to conform to the common signage shapes. This is much better for your custom business signage if you aim to diversify its look.

3. Enhance the size of your signage

As much you desire your outdoor sign to grab attention on the details alone, size does matter. This is to provide enough space for the visual elements you have conceptualized as well as the text is readable enough even when the readers are meters away from your establishment. Moreover, you will need every attention from the public to make your business recognizable, so, the size will have to be large enough for people to see.

4. Make use of transportation

Do you want more chances of people noticing your business? This custom business signage of yours can also be installed on cars, most especially public transportation like buses, vans, and trucks. Although you may have company vehicles, these are probably rarely visible to the public because your employees have to take the shortest route to their destination back and forth. If you have additional funds to invest in more signage to be installed on public vehicles, then, go for it.

5. Put finishes and coatings for additional effect

Aside from the primary purpose of keeping the surface of the business sign safe, it also adds to the visual effect. Industrial coatings and finishes protect materials such as steel and all other sorts of metal used for signages. Furthermore, it helps provide resistance from corrosion which is a common phenomenon when the signage has been exposed to direct sunlight for a long period. It also adds to the aesthetic appeal of the sign which could be pleasing to the eyes of the viewers.

6. Settle for unique fonts and typefaces

There are over thousands of typefaces developed by font creators nowadays which might be too grueling for you to check out individually. However, this should not also stop you from creating one for your own company which could not only be used for your signage but on the product labels as well. Who knows it could also become your business’ trademark typeface? It is best to determine the font that matches the type of mood and appeal of the business in a manner that does not confuse the readers when reading the entire text.

Final thoughts

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Famous brands all over the world have those striking trademark graphics used for their logo and incorporated into the signages of their resellers. Of course, as a business owner, you’d aim for that impact. But while you settle within the conventional aspects of signages, you have to expect the possibility that people won’t give time to check out what your business is all about because it has been something that they’ve already seen from other businesses. To ensure that your custom business signs are worth the attention, plan out a design that is inclusive of unique key elements that the people could immediately relate to your business. For example, beverage companies like Pepsi and Coca-Cola have incorporated the wave graphic into their logos and labels to indicate that they offer drinks as their main products. In this way, you are informing the public immediately about your business and piquing their interest in what sets your products different from the rest.

Dragan Sutevski

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