Five Great Reasons to Use Videos on Your Website and Social Channels

use video marketing

Business owners are always looking for better ways to expand their reach and attract new customers, and videos rank high among the most powerful marketing tools

Videos help businesses build relationships with their audience and give prospects a sneak peek into what the brand offers. Although using videos on your website and social media channels is an effective way to push your brand, many business owners are yet to adopt this marketing strategy. 

If that sounds like you, here are five reasons why you need to start using videos on your website and social media channels to drive sales.

Five reasons why you need to embrace video marketing

1. Captures audience attention 

Most internet or social media users surf through long-winding paragraphs without giving much attention to the content. That is why you need to start using videos with interesting on-screen text and engaging voiceover to hook your audience quickly.

The best bit about videos is that they condense your content into easy-to-understand snippets that are easy to consume, making your audience want more. However, you need to use short videos and place the key points at the start, so viewers can get your intended message before they decide to scroll away.

2. Videos tell your brand story.

Exciting videos are an excellent way to share what makes your company unique with the world. However, videos allow you to only discuss one thing at a time, meaning you will soon have hundreds or even thousands of videos within a short time of consistent video marketing.

Luckily, you can find various software for video asset management (VAM) to help you store, organize, and manage your content as you tell your story to the world. The right tool will help you accelerate creativity and production cycles, enhance the measurement of return on investment (ROI), and avoid the cost of misplaced or lost work.

3. Enhance your SEO efforts 

People head to search engines whenever they want to find something and often click on one of the first links on search results. Well-optimized sites take up these coveted spots, and video marketing offers an excellent way to lead the race. 

Videos allow business owners to incorporate relevant keywords in the titles and descriptions. These keywords play a critical role in boosting SEO. Better still, some social media channels, such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, allow users to include hashtags on videos, boosting your SEO efforts even further.

4. Improves your engagement levels

Videos create a powerful connection with your clients and help in building relationships. They allow your audience to like, share, or even comment. That kind of engagement makes videos an effective way to get your message across.

Whether the videos you post are organic or paid campaigns, don’t just look at shares and views to gauge your videos’ popularity and engagement level. 

Instead, get a dedicated analytics tool to monitor your video’s progression and measure click-through rate to establish what is working and what isn’t. Doing this will help you improve your future video marketing efforts.

5. Boost revenue

When you provide high-quality content via videos, prospects are likely to click on your website to get more information about your brand, products, and services. It doesn’t end there since some of these visits eventually translate to conversions, increased customer numbers, and a spike in revenues.

The bottom line

Videos are a great way to connect with your audience and build trust. Whether you use them on your website or social channels, they can be a potent tool for marketing your brand and converting leads into customers.