Team Building for Remote Workers is Vital

team building activity

Ensuring that your remote team works well as a whole is one of the most challenging aspects of the rise in remote working across the globe. There are certain aspects of work that were possible in the past and, to a large extent, were taken for granted with actual office time and meeting in person. Relationships were built and water cooler banter and chat created a comfortable vibe in the office. It has therefore become more important than ever to carry out team-building activities when so many of us are missing face-to-face contact with our colleagues.

How to create a team culture for remoter workers

The need for teamwork and collaboration is not a new phenomenon in the modern workplace and is responsible for a lot of creativity and business development. The aim in a remote setting is to bring the people together virtually. Your business can use online outings, quizzes and board games, and could even host a fantasy football league among colleagues. These activities will go a long way to creating and maintaining a team culture in the remote working environment. Many may ask why this is important if the work is getting done, and if your remote workers are meeting productivity targets then why bother with all the teamwork? Teams build and facilitate the following characteristics.

Employee Wellbeing

If you develop a strong communicative team, remote workers are able to communicate with others in the same situation as themselves – gaining advice and finding solutions to possible problems and overcoming issues together. It is also proven that the flexibility of remote workers makes for a happier workforce who find it easier to interact and collaborate with others.


When you know who is going to do what and why this can be communicated in advance to allow for planning and timeous attainment of targets.

Increased productivity

Fewer office distractions means that most remote workers get more done than when working in the office. It has been proven that remote workers have increased productivity by at least 5% and this figure is expected to rise even further. There is less commute time, and less time spent at your colleagues’ desks.

Better communication

The more you communicate with your team the better the communication becomes. This in turn will lead to an improvement in the manner in which the team will be able to work together, therefore allowing them to push the boundaries of productivity and creativity. Communication forms the basis of a team-building process, especially with remote workers who do not see each other on a daily basis.

Develops leadership

As teams are developed and used for different projects there is always a need for team leaders. Any team needs a leader and as such the focus on team building and collaboration will require control and structure provided by such leadership.

The tech you will need

If a team is to be made and maintained, then the members will need the relevant technology to be able to seamlessly and easily interact and engage. Mobile devices are popular for intra-staff communication, while laptops and tablets may be preferred for access to the cloud and group chats online.

Regardless of the sector, if you have remote workers on the books you need to ensure that your HR or senior management is able to provide the necessary processes for team building. Remote staff must first be seen as vital resources, and then the investment of time and technology in order to facilitate office and remote team-building sessions and group planning will be viewed as just this – an investment. Productivity is key for business survival and if the trend of increasing the productivity of remote workers is to continue in the medium- to long term, then there will need to be a structured process of team building.