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Tips for Boosting Twitter Engagement

Twitter engagement

There are 206 million daily users on Twitter globally, of which 37 million are from the United States. These statistics indicate that Twitter is a goldmine for businesses that know how to leverage the power of engagement. Having a business account on Twitter isn’t enough. Using it to impact business growth matters more. The retweets, likes, comments, mentions, and shares shape your success on Twitter. Here are tips for boosting Twitter engagement.

1. Create valuable content

Your content should offer value to the readers by educating them or offering solutions for your marketing efforts to succeed on Twitter. Write short and precise marketing tweets and let the reader know what to expect on the other side of the link.

Let your tweets be specific by incorporating verifiable data and numbers. Create suspense in every tweet to arouse your audience’s curiosity. That will motivate them to click to read and share your content. Additionally, your choice of words should grab the readers’ attention and push them to want more.

A knowledgeable team on keyword research helps you create content based on trendy topics, thus improving engagement. Alternatively, you can outsource Twitter marketing services to a Twitter marketing expert.

2. Effectively promote your Twitter business account

For business owners and marketing teams looking to create brand awareness and engage with their audience on Twitter, promoting your accounts will help you cut through the noise to attract a following that you can monetize. Take advantage of relevant trending hashtags to improve your content’s visibility beyond your followers.

Paying to advertise on Twitter is another excellent way to promote your account. You may choose promoted tweets that appear in the feed of users that might not be following you, promoted trends that appear to all users, or promoted accounts that help people discover your brand and increase followers.

3. Take advantage of Twitter analytics

Twitter analytics measures engagement by tracking your hashtags and tweets. They enable you to monitor and discover the interests of users who participate in your campaigns, view or interact with your tweets, and the ones that convert. That helps you create and curate content that appeals to them.

Twitter analytics also helps you discover the best time to post your tweets by providing a demographics report that shows your audience’s location, gender, employment, income, race, and more. That data helps you schedule your tweets based on the time zones of your followers and prospects, thus wider reach.

4. Find out the best tweeting frequency

Bombarding your audience with too many tweets can make them unfollow or spam you, and since there isn’t a standard tweeting frequency, studying your tweets’ performance will help you find out what works for you. Post several tweets throughout the day and measure the engagement they receive. For example, if you post seven tweets and three of them gain the most views, shares, comments, likes, or mentions, then posting three times a day is your best tweeting frequency.


Twitter is a great marketing platform that any business can grow in. Your profile is a representation of your brand, and optimizing it will help users know who you are as a business. On the other hand, using these tips will help boost your Twitter engagement for business growth.

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