The Benefits of Using Private Coach Hire for Business Trips in Munich

BCS-BUS in Munich

Today, Germany is an important hub, both for business and leisure. Travel to cities like Munich is a must when visiting Germany. For those who prefer taking local transportation, it is no secret that the bus rental services in Munich are world-class. One such known brand is BCS Travel. 

Bus Charter Service (BCS-BUS) is a premium transportation provider that serves business travellers and travel agencies alike. They cater to countries like Switzerland, Germany, and Austria and cities where people speak German widely. If you are looking for a comfortable and safe ride from the airport to the city or vice-versa, then BCS is the way to go.

Get More From BCS-BUS

BCS offers extensive services like arranging a group charter for corporate events and conferences organized in various European cities. Companies are requested to share their logistical details and BCS takes care of everything. It helps companies to focus on what is more important than logistics. 

BCS has experience in handling events of higher reputation and calibre. For example, they have transported the who’s who of the political arena in Munich. Hiring BCS as a travel partner can take all the stress away from meeting organizers.

Those seeking a one-time pick-up or drop to a location can hire BCS to get the job done. The travel service provider welcomes companies to book their services for their next off-site or retreat within Munich or otherwise. After all, providing class services to employees is part of the retreat. 

Did You Know

BCS-BUS has highly skilled logistics managers who specialize in corporate event planning and execution. The company has experience in providing logistical support to sales conferences, exhibitions and conferences. The managers at the company take pride in their attention to detail.

Contribution to Environmental Well-being

BCS Travel is proud to showcase its support to save the environment from the hazardous activities of modern-day trade. The company has made sure that its vehicles are nature-friendly. They promise to cover any and every CO2 emission that takes place due to their nature of business.

The nature conscious company has a fleet of busses that are completely energy-efficient and top of the class in the industry. Apart from reducing the carbon footprint, BCS Travel has gone a step ahead to protect mother nature. They have invested in a reforestation project within Europe. Every year, they give away a part of their profits to this cause.  


BCS Travel is a name to reckon with within the travel industry in Germany. Their extensive network and knowledge in the travel industry is an asset for any company seeking for best transportation service, whether for business or premium leisure. 

To book BCS Travel, companies are advised to check the website and enter their details to get a quote. Alternatively, they can reach the reservation hotline number at +31 20 241 69 95 or email their queries to [email protected]