Marketing Strategies For Startups: Five Tips For More Brand Awareness

marketing strategies for startups

For startups, one of the major concerns is to enhance their brand awareness and reach more people In the digital space. They have to work on different aspects to ensure that consumers start recognizing their products and services. Once your brand awareness starts to increase, many potential customers get familiar with your brand values. Brand awareness is all about informing people how your brand can add value to their life. People will not buy products or avail of your services unless you provide a solution to their problems. So, problem identification plays a crucial role in increasing brand awareness.

Brand awareness helps your target audience to get comfortable with your products. It is the initial stage of the marketing funnel that delivers your brand message to consumers. It helps you start getting leads from potential buyers. The availability of the latest tech tools and platforms allows marketers to increase brand awareness efficiently. Here are some of the marketing strategies for startups to increase brand awareness and enhance their business growth.

Focus on conversational marketing

Conversational marketing allows you to focus on different aspects of communication to interact with customers effectively. Real-time interaction via live chat or chat helps provide the correct information to customers at the right time. But personalized engagement plays an essential role in improving the user experience.

Conversational marketing holds particular importance for B2C businesses to enhance customer services because it helps buyers stay in the sales funnel for a long time. It depends on good design skills and effectively delivering your startup’s value proposition via content. Hiring a team of professionals with relevant skills and qualifications can help you establish a competitive advantage over your competitors. Or you can also encourage your employees to leverage distance learning opportunities on the internet to quickly fill up any existing skill gaps. Undergrad communications online degree will be highly beneficial in this case since it will equip your human resources, and thus your business with the ability to establish a good relationship with consumers by having clear communication and understanding their needs.

Improve your SEO

SEO is one of the most innovative ways to give exposure to your brand online. It is the procedure of optimizing your content through keyword integration to improve your website visibility on search engines like Google. And it is of critical importance for any new business that wants to generate sales on the internet.

The process starts with keyword research in your niche. These are words that your potential buyers are using to find similar products and services that you are offering on the internet. To improve brand awareness, you need to incorporate relevant keywords into your content. These keywords help optimize customers’ buying journeys and provide the most accurate results for their searches online. You can use various keyword research tools to identify and shortlist meaningful and relevant keywords related to your industry. Once you have your list ready, create content around these keywords.

For example, if you offer website development services and find out that people are searching for “website design issues,” you can create a blog post. You can come up with the title “8 website design issues you need to avoid”. You need to add keywords in the image titles, content body, and headline to make it easier for Google’s AI to search for your post and show it to relevant internet users. However, avoid keyword stuffing in your content because Google can penalize your website for this.

Strengthen your organic social media presence

There are different methods to improve your social media presence, but there is nothing like organic social media reach. If you want to achieve this, you need to create high-quality content to address your target audience’s issues. You need to trigger an emotional response for increasing engagement and leads so that you can later convert these people into paying customers.

Followers on social media platforms expect companies to add value to their lives. Hence, you must implement strategies that can make your content sharable. For example, a social media contest is an effective way to make your followers tag other people in their network. It will deliver your brand message to people who have not heard about your startup before.

Begin a video podcast

Video is arguably the most popular format of content that is consumed worldwide. Therefore, it makes sense to leverage this habit into a robust marketing strategy for your startup. Starting a podcast is not a straightforward process like offering your products and services. If you are a fitness company offering nutritional supplements, then you should begin interviewing athletes. Similarly, if you are a beauty or fashion brand, interview makeup and hair care experts. Podcasts help to build trust with your customers. They are an excellent way of providing original and meaningful content to your audience.

Create a referral program

While increasing your brand awareness, you need to make your loyal customers be your best advocates. Starting a referral program will increase your reach and encourage people to spread your brand message and values to their friends and family. This can trigger a chain reaction bringing new leads into your sales funnel and eventually pumping out more revenue.

Companies establish referral programs by offering discount offers. When people receive discounts on a purchase, they are most likely to spread the word among their peers and family. It will play a key role in your brand recognition and increase your credibility in the market.  For startups, giving out free product/service samples will also do wonders.


Increasing brand awareness is a time-consuming process, so you have to stay patient and focused. You need to address the issues of your target audience by analyzing their interests. From improving your SEO to conversational marketing, organic social media reach, to building a referral program, you need to keep different aspects in mind to accomplish your business goals. You must add some value to your target audience’s life to grab their attention and loyalty. It will help you increase your brand’s worth in the market.