Should the Company Use Video in Email Marketing?

Should the Company Use Video in Email Marketing

The phrase “Email marketing no longer works” can be found quite often. But this is not entirely true. The email marketing mistakes are that the old methods don’t work. Yes, no one will read long, boring template letters. But a creative email with a clear view is another matter.

Learn to use video in emails and your email marketing will work to the fullest! Try and see.

Why include video in your newsletter?

Video attracts and holds attention. Your prospect will choose video between video and other content. The psychological factor works because the video is associated with entertainment. Even if you say serious things. Ease of material supply is a significant advantage.

According to statistics, the inclusion of video in email marketing strategy:

  • increases the email open rate by 19%;
  • increase the click-through rates by 65%;
  • redux unsubscribes by 26%.

This is a good reason to include videos in the newsletter. Read on to find out how to do it right and avoid common mistakes.

When is video content relevant?

There are still technical obstacles in the way of video to your potential buyer. Not all email services support video content. For users of Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, the video may not load instantly. First, check your customer base to see what percentage your video content will potentially see in your email.

The next technical point is the correct video format. Video for emails must first be stored on your company’s server and then inserted into the message. How to add a video to letters we will talk further.

Another important point is to decide on the purpose of video marketing. That user’s actions match your expectations.

Finally, choose the right video for your emails. There is something to choose from, just look!

What videos should you add to your email?

Email marketing best practices are based on trust. For the recipient of the letter not to send your message as spam, you need to immediately convince him of the usefulness of the content. Choose a video marketing format that best reveals the benefits of your business.

type of video in email marketing


Webinars are a great way to communicate with customers for any business. But not everyone has the opportunity to join at a certain time. Create an additional newsletter from the webinar video to reach a larger audience.


Training videos can be created in a variety of formats. A list of useful tips, a profitable business presentation, a record of the learning process for review, or a full trial lesson. Which of these lists will interest your customers?


Add lecture notes to your email marketing strategy. Such an invitation letter will draw the attention of a potential buyer to the educational product.


Tell them about the conference with your participation in the next letter to clients. And an even better show!


A clear and understandable video guide can be created for any business related to practical actions. From creating websites to growing medicinal plants. This may be the video content that customers expect from your email marketing.

A new type of useful content, which quickly conquered social networks, quickly goes beyond them. Create guides for your customers and email weekly. The results will pleasantly surprise you.

Lessons on using the product

Best practices in marketing are useful to the consumer. If you write instructions for use of the product, it will be useful to the consumer. But they will enjoy the practical video lesson even more.


Everyone knows that reviews are the most effective tool for promoting a business. Video marketing also actively uses this tactic. Ask customers to record a video review of your product or service. Be sure to let us know that you plan to use this material in email newsletters.

Welcome videos after registration

Don’t forget to add a video to your thank you note after registering a customer. Such details work great for your brand.


Holiday greetings in video format work better than greeting card text. There is a feeling of personal communication and sincere care.


Short video clips can both promote new products and tell about your brand. Create a good mood for your client.


Share useful videos with more than just your followers on YouTube. Create a periodic newsletter by analyzing your customer base.


Bright letters with elements of the show will not leave anyone indifferent. If this format suits your business, feel free to use it.

Choose your format from this list of ideas to make email marketing interesting.

How to embed a video into an email?

Quality plays an important role in creating videos for email mailings. A quickly shot video from a smartphone can be put on a page. But for emails, this is not suitable. You have to shoot quality video, process it, and add effects on iMovie.

When the video is ready, download it to your computer. Now it remains to find the option to embed a video to the email that suits you.

  1. Use a still image with the play button.
  2. Use an animated GIF with key information in the first frame.
  3. Combine the two options and create an animated play button.
  4. Create an artificial video with animation CSS.
  5. Embed video in the email with HTML code.

Which way to choose depends on your technical knowledge and capabilities.

video in email marketing - embed

Working with video in email marketing is not easy. But your efforts are worth the result. More than 60% of users make a purchase decision after watching the video.

Explore and take advantage of new business opportunities. And let your emails turn into emails expected by recipients in their inboxes.

Author bio: I’m Jaylin: Guest post service planner of Leelija and full-time blogger. Favorite things include my camera, traveling, caring for my fitness, food, and my fashion. Email id: [email protected]