Video Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Business

Video Marketing Strategies

Using video content to promote your business is essential for the modern consumer. Websites and pages that require a lot of reading don’t tend to perform as well as ones that have robust video and image content. These business owners have a few tips on video marketing strategies and ideas that can help grow your business.

Lauren Kleinman, Co-Founder The Quality Edit

Before you start implementing your video strategy, determine what kind of audience you want to attract. This will help you decide what kind of content to create, how long it should be, and where to post it. Each of these decisions will reach a slightly different pool of potential customers, so make sure you have an idea of who you most want to visit your website. 

Jess Quinn, CEO Leaftail 

Company culture videos and employee interviews are a great way to show your customers and investors what you do and who works for you. It goes a long way to hear positive testimonials from your team and helps show that you are cultivating a healthy environment.

Olivia Young, Head of Product Design Conscious Items

Short video ads featuring your products are great pieces of content to have in your back pocket for Instagram, Facebook, or any social media platform. These are easy and simple to create and require very little investment on your part. Consider looking into some affordable lighting options, but with a smartphone and some thoughtful arranging, you can create video content completely on your own. 

Tyler Hayden Read, Founder PT Pioneer

Effective explanation videos should give the viewer a concise but comprehensive idea of what service your business provides. These are awesome tools to utilize if you are providing some type of training or interactive service. You can lay out all the steps clearly and effectively while breaking up the customer experience from just reading paragraphs of text. 

Ryan Rockefeller, CEO and Co-Founder Cleared 

Invest in some resources to improve your video content. Hiring creative consultants can be a great way to get a professional standpoint on a particular project. As always, make sure you delineate the right tasks to the right people. If you want your video content to pop but aren’t sure you have the eye for it, that’s ok! Take advantage of the wide range of creative designers and videographers that are out there. 

Michael Jankie Of Natural Patch 

Determine what platforms you’ll be sharing your content on. Are they videos for your website? Are they for Instagram? TikTok? Each one of these platforms has different quirks, so you’ll want to make sure you choose platforms with similar video formats to make the curation process a bit easier. 

John Wu, CEO and Co-Founder Gryphon

Customer review videos have long been a staple in marketing campaigns. And today, with widespread technology available, there’s an opportunity to make that content feel a little more personal by filming on phones and posting to social accounts. Hearing clients speak positively about your products and services will greatly increase future customers’ likelihood to choose your company over others. 

Matthew Mundt, CEO and Founder Hug Sleep

Once your content is created, posted, and shared in your preferred locations, keep track of the traffic it receives. You won’t know well your content is being received if you don’t have an idea of how many people it reaches. Most social platforms offer business accounts where you can pay to reach more clients. If your videos are doing poorly, look into boosting their reach. 

Dylan Arthur Garber, Co-Founder Audien Hearing

Consider filming interviews with customers that have used your products. This is a great way to show that not only is your product reliable, but your ability to connect with your clients as well. This is an important detail for customers, especially if you’re providing an impactful product like hearing aids. Consumers want to know that you care about them and that your product is easy to use and preferred by your customer base. 

Jonathan Simkin, CEO Swiftly 

Make sure to utilize tags and keywords to boost the SEO of your videos. If no one can search for or tag your content easily, it won’t get seen by anyone. Hashtags are especially useful on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook. 

Katie Kiernan, Co-Founder Nue Life

What are your goals with your video marketing strategy? Are you trying to attract more traffic? Are you trying to build excitement for a new product? Make sure you have clear goals in mind that will help you determine what your strategy should highlight. 

James Ville, Chief Product Officer GunSkins

Making sure your website is engaging for customers is an important step for any business, and you can use the video material to make your digital presence more impactful and interactive for customers. It goes a long way to show your product rather than explain it, and video backdrops are a great way to show that. 

Ramin Oskoui, Director of Growth Marketing NURO

Any brand should have a presence on all social media platforms, but utilizing TikTok and live streaming are really useful tools to engage with younger audiences and create a more personal feeling around your company. Community is everything these days and you can easily use social media in your video marketing strategy to create a feeling of community among your client base. 

Hector Gutierrez, CEO JOI

For some brands, you may need to educate your client base about what your product is and what you do. Informational pieces about your company, products, and services do a lot of heavy lifting for you in the long run and help potential customers understand your service. 

Lori Price, Co-Founder PixieLane

Pay attention to viral trends and see if you can replicate some of them! This is a really fun, great way to show your company pays attention to social media and gets people noticing your company faster.