Day 6: Implementation Process – Improve Your Business in 77 Days

We are in the sixth day in our challenge to improve your business in 77 days. Yesterday, we talked about improvements of your implementation plan.

Now, you have improved the creativity process in your business. You have improved the communication process of your ideas that results in the improvements of the basic ideas. You have the great community around your business, you know what is the priority number one for your business, and you have the implementation plan for the ideas that need to be implemented.

Now, it’s time to start with the implementation process.

What can be improved there?

We need an answer on that question, but first let’s see what make an implementation process to be an excellent one.

  • We need the process to be implemented as it is planned.
  • We need improvements in the process when we find something is wrong.
  • We need an process that will create more value for our customers as soon as possible.
  • We need an process that will escape possible resistance.

That’s the basic things that you need to improve when it comes to your implementation process.

Each process has their own starting point and finish line. The start is based on the implementation plan. The finish line must be the something that can bring accomplishment of our goals. This not means that we can’t improve the process because we have a clear plan.

Plans are based on assumptions and cannot be taken for granted and something that cannot be changed in the implementation process. We talk about improvements and everything that can be improved is allowed to be changed.

When you are in the implementation process, or after the process, you need always to find answers on these questions if you want to have a continuous improvement in your business:

  • Is your plan implemented?
  • Is there some mistakes that need to be corrected?
  • How can be corrected mistakes from your plan?
  • Why there is an existence of discrepancies between the plan and the results from implementation?
  • What you need to do to eliminate that discrepancies?
  • What you need to do in the future to minimize occurrences of such a discrepancy?
  • Whether what you implement now is something that creates value to your customers?
  • Can you increase the value to your customers?
  • What you need to implement to increase the value to your customers?
  • Can you somehow shorten the implementation in such a way that it will be finished as soon as possible but will deliver more value to your customers?
  • Is there some type of resistance to changes?
  • How you can minimize or eliminate possible resistances?

These questions and their answer will lead you through a continuous improvement when you implement new ideas in your business.

We will continue tomorrow with the seventh day when we will work on leading and leadership process.

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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