Day 7: Leadership – Improve Your Business in 77 Days

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We will continue with the seventh day in our challenge to improve your business in 77 days. Previous day was about implementation process and improvements in the process.

Until today, you have improved your creativity process that will give you better ideas for your business. You have started with the communication of that ideas with your community. You have worked on improvement of your community to receive the better feedback that will allow you to improve your basic ideas. You have prioritized your ideas and make a plan for implementation. You have started with the implementation process and continuous improvements through that process.

Now, if you want to have improved implementation process, you need better leadership and better team leader skills.

Who is the leader?

Who is the person who will lead the whole process until the final success?

You as an entrepreneur must be the biggest leader in your business if you want to succeed with each project as a result of the ideas from the creativity process in your business. However, if your business had the structure and different managerial levels except you, there will be the need for the leadership on the managerial level in your company.

Leaders are persons that lead something in your business. They are responsible to delegate the tasks needed for accomplishment of the implementation process. They are responsible to use effective communication between the employees and customers and potential customers. They are responsible to motivate their teams. They are responsible to successful finish of the projects.

Your goal is to make the whole process of implementation successful. Because of that the goals of you and your managerial leaders is to make successful implementation of the project.

✋ Warning

Three managerial skills to help you become a better manager.

You need to realize that you have a very important role in the implementation process of your ideas as an entrepreneur. Very often what you do will be imperative of all of your employees. You are the mirror in which they look and try to find themselves.

Let’s look at the questions that you need to answer to improve your and your team’s leadership capabilities:

  • Is your communication process something that can be improved?
  • Can you communicate with all of your employees without problems?
  • How are your employees perceived you? Can you improve something about that?
  • Are your instructions, strategies and methods clear for your employees?
  • Can you improve something in your instructions, strategies and methods to be better understand from your employees?
  • Do your employees meet the deadlines that you set for the tasks? If they are not met, why they are not met? Can you improve something that will make accomplishments in deadlines?
  • How are you motivate your team? Can you improve something?
  • How your new ideas are perceived from your employees? Did they perceive them as something as part of them? Did they perceive them as something that will improve their own lives? What you need to do about that?
  • Do your employees work in teams? Do they contribute to the whole success of your team? Did they know exactly what is their function, what is your expectations from them and how they contribute to the success of your business?
  • Are your employees proud because they work for your business? Can you improve something about that?

These questions ask most important parts of your leadership capabilities. They will lead you through possible improvements of you and your managerial team about leadership.

We will continue tomorrow with the eighth day where we will talk about the capacity for implementations of your business.