Day 8: Implementation Capacity – Improve Your Business in 77 Days

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Let’s continue with the eighth day in our challenge to improve your business in 77 days. Previous day was about improvement of your’s and your team’s leadership capabilities.

You have improved your creativity process, so you have the better and more business ideas ready for implementation in your business.

However, the question is can you implement all of that ideas?

Because of prioritization, you know what must be implemented as a first, and slowly one by one you can implement as much as possible ideas that will improve your overall business success.

But, you need to have the business capability to handle all of that implementation processes in your business. You can’t implement something without capacity. You can’t maintain something new without capacity.

You need capacity for the idea creation process. You need capacity for communicating that ideas with community. You need capacity to implement all of that ideas.

You have already made many improvements that will lead you through a successful implementation process. But, as you know, we always can find ways to improve something more, especially when it comes to our business. This is a systematic approach that needs constantly incremental improvements on each of your steps.

When we talk about improvement of the implementation capacity, it is about increasing your business capability to implement as much as possible ideas with as much as possible quality.

Here are some questions that you need to answer:

  • Do you have enough capability to implement the ideas?
  • Is there something that can be improved?
  • What about the time? Do you have enough time, or you don’t have enough time, and you need additional human resources to make the implementation process possible?
  • What type of human resources do you need?
  • Can you handle the costs of the implementation process, or you need more money? How much money you need? Where you can provide the money?
  • Do you have enough information for the implementation process, or you need to build additional information resources to prevent deficiency or possible bottle necks?
  • What about your knowledge, skills and experience? Can your knowledge, skills or experience support the implementation processes? What you can do to improve your knowledge, experience and skills?
  • Do your employees have enough knowledge, skills and experience for the implementation of new ideas? Can they support the process? Can you do something to improve their knowledge, skills and experience?
  • What about technology that you currently use? Is it something that can support your ideas? Can you improve something in your current technology, or you need to buy something new?

Next we will continue with the next section of this challenge – improvement of a business planning process.