Important Facts About Renewable Energy You Need To Know

Important Facts About Renewable Energy

There are many reasons to go for renewable energy and only some people don’t really know them. Most of us just refuse to use it because we think we can never get enough of it and there is no point in investing in something so new and unsecure. In the 18th-century fossil fuels came to life and the world changed. We have been using coal, gas, and oil for our convenience ever since. 

But there is a big problem with this: No matter from which side you look at it, we cannot keep on doing this without endangering our own planet. To put it clearly: Our Earth does not last forever! It might sound exaggerated but we can’t expect ice ages to come back in just a few hundred years while we’re still living here. The truth is that we are burning up all of Earth’s resources and no one knows how much time she has left to endure.

The world’s biggest part of the energy comes from oil and gas and this one is also used to make plastics, fertilizers, and much more. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that the consequences would be devastating if we left our power sources without fuel. So what can we do? Well: Most people think renewable energy is only an expensive way of producing electricity because it needs lots of money to invest in new infrastructure; but actually, it has become cheaper than fossil fuels already!

The Sun Is A Much Better Source Of Renewable Energy Than The Wind

Whether you are looking at power generation on an hourly or daily basis, during any given time solar energy is actually generating on average half of the world’s electricity needs. During peak times when energy demand is high, solar power production may fall as low as 7%, though it typically occurs at around 20% to 30% capacity. Solar and wind obviously fluctuate with weather conditions and availability. However, the sun provides us with a much more stable source of energy than wind does which makes converting its potential into usable energy that much easier.

Solar Energy Will Not Go Away

It’s actually good that solar energy is free because it doesn’t cost anything to use.  Solar energy receives more than double the amount of energy as wind power, but the potential for growth far outpaces any other renewable energy resource. Moreover, the price of solar panels will continue to drop and the efficiency of power generation using these panels is on a steady incline. The folks at Windmar Group have calculated that solar energy will be cheaper than natural gas in just 5 years. Solar and other renewable energy sources are fast becoming the world’s cheapest source of electricity and will continue to replace fossil fuels in developing and developed nations alike.

Solar Energy Is Actually More Than Just Photovoltaics (Pv)

Although PV receives so much attention because of its ability to turn light into electricity, it’s not the only type of solar energy technology that helps us harness the sun’s power. Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) focuses lenses or mirrors onto a small area to create an intense amount of heat which boils water and creates steam that turns turbines and generates electricity. Thermal storage allows CSP plants to store some of that heat by circulating molten salt through a system as it cools down, releasing heat during cloudy conditions where PV cannot function

Wind Energy is Saving Birds

Birds are saved by thousands every year with the invention of new turbine designs and changes in wind farm management practices. One study found that wind turbines kill from 40,400 – 138,600 birds a year, which was only 0.27% to 0.98% of the total bird population of North America. In comparison, domestic house cats killed 1.4 billion birds each year in one study done in Wisconsin. A large majority of the deaths by wind turbines are due to collisions with the turbine blades or towers since some species can be sucked into the low-pressure zone above and around the ridge.

Solar Energy is Cheaper than Fossil Fuels

It can take a while for solar energy to pay off, but the investment is worth it since fossil fuels are very limited on earth. If we rely too much of our financial earnings on finite resources then we will eventually have no money left when they run out. Renewable energies enable people in developing countries to have power even if they don’t have access to modern grids or don’t have any electricity at all! The availability of renewable energy brings increased safety because it reduces reliance on dangerous sources of fuel such as firewood and kerosene, which cause major respiratory diseases and deaths.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is a great way of generating electricity and it hasn’t been expensive for such a long time, already. Furthermore, we cannot get enough of these sources – no matter which season it is – and there are also ways to store them for later use! So, what’s still stopping you from switching over? Why keep on burning up our Earth when we’ve got this beautiful alternative? It might sound complicated but don’t worry about that either because this technology has already taken its first steps into our daily life. Together, we can all go solar.