How To Properly Deal with Customer Mishaps in Your Store

There are many ways to provide strong customer service in your business, but you’ll still have unhappy customers no matter how you do it. Most people will complain when something goes wrong. As a store owner, you need to consider this when running your store. You need to deal with possible customer mishaps.

The below article will help you deal with customer mishaps the right way.

Discretion is Key

Remember, customers are watching, and some may even take out their smartphones to record the conflict. The last thing you want is for the incident to go viral on social media. Be tactful and discreet when dealing with injured customers.

To minimise this customer mishap disrupting other customers, it is advised to discreetly remove the customer from areas where they can be seen/heard by others. This will also reduce the potential of the interaction impacting brand perception.

Be Quick To Act

One advantage of addressing customers’ mishaps promptly is the possibility of turning what might have been a negative experience into a positive one. If you can turn the situation around, you might end up with a loyal customer who continues to buy from you – and tells others about you too.

Ensure Their Safety

You should always ensure that anyone you are serving is alright. Call in a member of your staff who is first-aid-trained to check them out. 

Make a call if you think they need medical attention, and make sure they are as comfortable as possible until assistance arrives.

Make sure that they can leave the premises safely, and if they don’t need medical attention, you might have to call someone to pick them up. If they need help getting up, assist them and make sure that they are able to leave.

Obtain Information

Having ensured that the injured customer is okay, you should start collecting as much information about the incident as possible. You will need to learn why it happened in the first place to prevent a similar accident in the future. 

Also, determine if you are potentially liable and whether or not you should prepare for a lawsuit. If you face a lawsuit, start collecting as much evidence as you can – you’ll need it to support your case. 

If anyone witnessed the accident, be sure they give a statement, and if there is any video footage, make sure it is stored.

Consult Your Insurer

Business insurance is a must for almost every small business. One of the most fundamental pieces of it, and the one you need to know about, is your public liability insurance policy. This policy ensures you in case a customer has a poor experience in your store and wants compensation.

When a mishap happens, it’s best to let your insurance company know that you will likely get a claim on your liability insurance. It takes time to process such claims, so the sooner you can notify them, the better.

Make Your Brand Stronger

It can be devastating for your business if a customer suffers an injury on your premises, especially if your negligence causes it. If you are not careful, this can seriously affect your sales, and it may be hard to recover.

Therefore, you should take steps to strengthen your brand right away to prevent any major dips in revenue. By strengthening your brand right away, you’ll hopefully be able to minimize the damage and keep your business running smoothly. 

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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