How To Prioritize Employee Safety During Office Renovations

A workplace that isn’t well-tendered can be demotivating for the employees. Office workers spend most of their time inside the building, which influences their productivity and well-being. Those who are satisfied with their workplace produce better outcomes.  

Wire mesh, metal mesh sheets, screwdrivers, safety goggles, and ladders are some of the tools you will use when renovating your office. To prevent the problems that might arise with poor-quality materials, you have to look for high-quality products to secure their longevity.   

Employee Safety During Office Renovations

A quality workplace design may lead to a more productive and less stressful environment. However, it’s also essential to prioritize your employees’ safety while your office undergoes renovations. This article will discuss what you can do to protect them during the process of creating a comfortable place for employees.  

The result of an office renovation should be to improve your employees’ well-being and safety. You have to keep this in mind while planning because you also have to keep them safe during the renovation process.  

Communicate with your employees

Let your employees know about the upcoming office renovation, how long it might take, and what preventive measures must be maintained. Communicating will make them feel included in the project, boosting their confidence to work on their task. Here are several ways on how you can give directions to your employees during the renovation:

  • Create a clear communication plan: Identify how you can address the details of the renovation and how it might affect your employees’ productivity. 
  • Before the renovation begins, ask for their design ideas: You can involve them in the renovation process by asking for their opinions.  
  • Send a copy of the proposed temporary work schedule: In case the renovation affects the productivity of your employees for a long period, organize a meeting to tell them how it will change their schedule. 
  • Update them regularly: As the renovation happens, give them updates on how long it may still take or what changed in the office. This method gives them a sense of empowerment because you update them with the changes. 
  • Ask for their stand to reduce concerns about the renovation: The renovation process is usually uncomfortable. However, you may reduce this by asking for their concerns and how to change them. It’s necessary to make them part of this process because they will use the office in the long run.

Once the renovation is over, orient them about the new equipment and space for future use in the office effectively. You can give your staff a tour of their new office, so they feel appreciated.

Consider the risks of flying objects and loud noise

Some renovation might include flying objects coming off a grinder. These objects can travel at high speeds, and if your employee isn’t wearing any protective shield for the eyes, it might cause severe damage.  

Construction noise is also a big issue that you need to tackle. If possible, ask your contractors to work during hours when your employees aren’t around. Ask them which tasks will produce the loudest noise so you can transfer your employees to another site.

Employee Safety - Office Renovations

Create safety standards

You need to have safety standards that you must be strict about so everybody can adhere to them. These standards include:

  • Close all the rooms that will be under renovation: One way to prevent site accidents is to close all doors or aisles heading to the rooms under renovation. It revokes unauthorized personnel from having access to the sensitive area. 
  • Employ fewer extension cords: These are assistive tools that allow users to plug a cord onto it from a distance. While it’s a great way to remain productive, this device can cause greater risks to the building and its users.  
  • Sweep the floors on an hourly basis: Drilling produces may trigger dust allergy to the skin or might create permanent blindness. Keeping the floors clean can prevent these from happening. 
  • Make sure that your employees are wearing their protective items whenever they’re in the building: You can provide safety glasses, noise-canceling headphones, and air filters if they’re working during the office renovation. Also, you can provide this safety personal protective equipment (PPE) for your clients. 
  • Place warning signs: Put warning signs and labels in several areas to alert your clients that your building is having a renovation. These signages will help your employees and clients find their way to safer spots.  

Keep them away from the building

After assessing how long the office renovation might take, you can decide if you’re implementing the work-from-home (WFH) policy. Tasks that don’t require daily travels to the office can follow this policy to ensure your employees’ safety while they still work on their productivity.


Safety during office renovations can only be done when everyone in your company follows the safety standards. In the end, you’re only going through the renovation to boost your employees’ well-being while staying productive in the workplace.

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