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The Main Reasons Why Having A VPN Is Useful

having a VPN

For most people, the internet is not just a part of their life. It’s how they communicate with friends and family, find information on any topic imaginable, listen to music or watch shows. But for many people in parts of the world where censorship is rife, the internet is also something to be feared. Sometimes all that stands between you and persecution by your government are VPNs (Virtual Private Networks). A VPN encrypts your connection when you go online so no one can see what websites you visit or who you talk to – even if they’re watching closely. And because it cloaks your IP address (the number which identifies every device connected to the internet), a VPN will make it appear as if you’re in another country. 

Avoiding geo-restrictions

People use a VPN to access sites and content normally blocked by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or the government. A VPN can let you unblock Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube and Gmail in places where they are censored.  People in China, the majority of people in the Middle East, and North Korea all use VPNs to get around their country’s censorship. This is not just about access to social media either. A VPN can allow you access to online platforms that are blocked by your ISP or geo-restricted in some cases. It allows users to unblock Draftkings Sportsbook all over the world. Without VPN people outside America would never be able to use movie services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, YouTube Red, etc.

Playing games online

There’s more to a VPN than just accessing online services from abroad. Many people use a VPN for far more sensitive things – like playing games with friends who live overseas or downloading files peer-to-peer. Moreover, this is because not all places around the world have equal access to major gaming platforms. And in order to play the newest game you’ve been waiting for, you may have to use a VPN to be able to play it.

When you’re using a public wifi hotspot, your connection is vulnerable. Hackers can see what you’re doing and in some countries, the government can too. A VPN allows you to securely access a wifi network and protect your data, including credit card numbers or banking information, when you go online in an internet cafe or hotel room.

Bypass ISP throttling

People living in places where the government actively censors the Internet often experience slow speeds when using their connections. ISPs might throttle bandwidth for heavy users in order to make things fair for everyone. However, this can result in severe slowdown and even timeouts when trying to render large pages or streaming media content. This is why many people choose to use a VPN which allows them to unblock sites and content without having to worry about ISP speed throttling. A VPN provides encryption so you can be confident that your ISP cannot track everything you do online.  

ISP throttling - VPN

Security for digital nomads

If you’re a digital nomad and work online then security is incredibly important. You need to know that your data and privacy will be respected by any sites or services that you use. A VPN offers peace of mind in this regard because it encrypts all of the data traveling between you and the internet.

Avoid ISP throttling when using P2P sharing

When downloading large files, your ISP can throttle your connection speeds. The best way to avoid this when using BitTorrent or other online file-sharing platforms is to connect via a VPN. It will encrypt all of the data being sent between you and the internet so that your ISP can’t tell anything about what you are downloading.

It is easy to use on all smart devices

VPNs can be used on most platforms and with most devices. Whether you’re using a PC/Mac, mobile phone, or tablet, you only need to download the software for your device that will act as an application. Once installed, just pick a server location and click connect.

When choosing which VPN to use, you should consider which features are important. Things like speed and bandwidth limits may be an issue for some people while encryption strength might matter more to others.

If you need it just for watching some videos on YouTube or checking your mails then there’s no reason to go with the most expensive VPN in the world! There are many VPN providers that offer good service for a reasonable price. You just need to do your research and figure out which one will best fit your needs.

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