Can Your Small Business Allow to Have All of These…

Starting a business needs many things. But, do you and your small business really need all that things?

Growing the business needs many things. But, do you and your small business really need all that things to grow your company?

Different businesses, different entrepreneurs, different business ideas, and different startups have different needs.

You can’t take a predefined list of things that you will need for your small business, or startup, or company that is in the growing stage. The needs are always different.

Do you really need 500 people to work for your business, or do you need only 50, or five or even two?

Do you really need fancy computers or do you need something that will complete your job?

Do you really need an IT department or you can do it yourself, or outsource to other companies?

Do you really need big storage for your inventory, or you can use your own garage or your own unused space where you can store your inventory?

Do you really need that inventory level, or you can decrease it or even work without inventory?

Do you really need an accountant to work for your company, or you can outsource the job, or even use some applications that you as an entrepreneur can manage easily?

Do you really need to manufacture all of your products, or you can outsource to another factory with a cheaper workforce?

Do you really need one million dollars, or you can start the project with ten thousand dollars or even a thousand?

Do you really need that big office, or you can use smaller, cheaper, or even share with another company, or work from home for now?

Do you really need the expensive web design, or you can use simply Word Press and install a good-looking website for your business?

Do you really need to have expensive PR or marketing agencies, or you and your team can do it yourself?

Do you really need…?

As you can see the list can be infinite.

The most important for you as an entrepreneur is that you really need only the things that will enable your business to operate in such a way where it will follow your entrepreneurial vision. You know what you want to achieve, and you know where you and your company must be in the future. That’s enough for now. Use only the things that will help you to reach your goals.

You need only to think about the above-mentioned questions.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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