5 Actionable Ideas and Strategies to Get More Clients

A business that wants to expand and achieve financial stability must always be on the lookout for new clients. Even if the majority of your clients are on a monthly retainer, this holds true. 

However, obtaining qualified leads is more difficult than it appears. How do you persuade complete strangers to put their faith in your company? How can you obtain more clients in less time?

You must first determine the type of clients you want to attract, understand what they want from you, and then capture their attention. Let’s have a look at some strategies for attracting more customers.

Do competitor research

You’re probably aware of a few rivals who are similar to your company. They could be close geographically, or they could be successful selling to a segment of your target market.

Occasionally, however, a few of your competitors manage to slip past your attention. Even though they aren’t direct competitors for immediate customers, they can still be thought of as industry competitors.

Competitor research can help your business:

  1. Fine-tune your unique selling proposition
  2. Improve current products and services
  3. Discover potential threats
  4. Improve your marketing efforts
  5. Identify new audiences to target

One method that could help you do better research would be to conduct reverse WHOIS searches. This will allow you to find domain names registered by another company. For instance, this way you can get some info regarding your rivals’ marketing performance, evaluate and compare their rankings, customer views, and so on.

Be present on social media

Social media establishes credibility and broadens your reach. For example, sharing your work on Pinterest and Instagram can get you a lot of new clients. The goal here is to appear as a normal person rather than just another company. 

It’s important to add a human touch to your interactions like including your company in your regular updates and sharing behind-the-scenes snippets whenever possible.

Your clients want to conduct business with genuine people. Letting them inside your life and processes as well as your business will build a specific type of trust in them, encouraging them to work with you.

Furthermore, social media generates buzz and excitement, especially when other individuals are involved. If you’re posting a photo from a recent product launch, for example, tag the models and influencers who are pushing it and discuss the experience of photographing the entire event.

Last but not least, if you want to target even more people, consider expanding to TikTok. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are great platforms where you can find new people, but, TikTok is becoming increasingly popular and it seems like all the younger generations are constantly on that platform. So, master TikTok marketing or find a good TikTok ads agency to help you get the most out of this emerging new platform.

Do not overlook your blog

Your blog can still be a very useful medium that you can use to better engage your customers. However, you need to do it right and create content that aims to solve your customers’ problems and add value to your products.

Crafting blog posts that your ideal customers would love to read belongs to some of the finest strategies to gain clients.

  • Do you work as a trainer? Provide suggestions for the best workouts for each body type.
  • Do you work as a copywriter? Write an article about how to make a fantastic ‘About’ page.
  • Do you work as a web designer? Give tips on how to get the most out of WordPress.

This will not only lure people to your website but will also allow you to demonstrate your vast knowledge of your subject. This way, you get to show your abilities without pushing anything to your audience.

Partner up

Some business owners are concerned about the impact of strategic partnerships on their client relationships and client management strategies. However, you are only as good as the alliances and networks you form.

You may easily acquire new clients for your agency by forming strategic collaborations with organizations that aren’t in your industry. 

Build strategic collaborations with a content marketing or hosting provider, for example, if your agency provides web development services. As a result, if any of their clients require web development or design services, you’ll be the first company they recommend to them.

Your strategic partners will refer clients to you, but they will also expect you to refer clients to them. For all sides, it’s a beneficial situation.

Take advantage of social proof

To thrive in a competitive industry, use social proof.

Customer testimonials and reviews may significantly increase your agency’s credibility. Genuine evaluations reflect the sincerity of your clients’ approval, persuading others to use your agency’s services.

Many agencies begin by providing testimonials and social proof about their work when they are creating a strategy for obtaining new clients.

To advertise your work and give potential clients a reason to choose you, post testimonials on your social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter

Final words

The search for fresh strategies to gain more clients and expand your business should be a priority for your company. You always need to look for new ways to acquire new buyers. That is the only way to succeed.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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