How Voice Technologies Are Helping Businesses Improve Customer Service

Recently, businesses have begun to actively implement artificial intelligence voice technologies. They provide innovative, long-term solutions that will strengthen consumer brand engagement in the future.

Increasing Customer Activity and Reducing Costs

Traditional interactive responses in contact centers, such as voice menus, are becoming expensive and obsolete because they are not compatible with the latest technology. As a result, operating costs rise, wait times increase, and client satisfaction falls.

Voice technology with AI developed by can leverage innovations in artificial intelligence, machine learning, speech recognition, and natural language processing to better understand queries and respond more naturally. Thanks to AI and machine learning, these tools can even learn from their mistakes and give a better answer next time.

In the past, additional staff had to be hired to improve the efficiency of a traditional call center. This increased costs. This is not required for AI platforms. Customer service people can handle high-level inquiries, ensure client engagement, and maintain operational efficiency.

Automation of Speech Interaction

Conversational service automation is a combination of intersecting directions:

  • data analysis;
  • conversation analytics;
  • systems of interactive speech interaction;
  • chatbots;
  • security;
  • robotic process automation;
  • customer feedback histories.

This solution optimizes both the automatic interaction of a person and the algorithm, as well as the communication of contact center specialists with customers.

Speech Analytics

Such a system can improve the efficiency of your contact center and increase sales. The conversation analysis system is based on the speech recognition module. Transcribing telephone conversations allows you to work with the accumulated statistics and analyze in detail the work of call center operators.

Experts customize the reporting system according to customer requirements. As a result, you will receive an effective tool for assessing the work of contact center personnel and monitoring compliance with conversation scripts. Speech analytics will be especially useful in sales and quality control departments to increase the conversion of telephone consultations into deals and maintain high levels of customer loyalty.

AI Voice Technology Advances

AI contact centers continue to improve thanks to the advancement of artificial intelligence, neural networks, computing power, and speech recognition.

The rapid development of advanced technology is driving the demand for voice-activated smart devices. In turn, this contributes to the accumulation of data for training voice recognition and generation algorithms.

Advances in machine learning and AI are enabling more than just speech recognition, but also contextualizing and creating connections to improve customer experience. In addition, a cheap and high-speed Internet connection allows you to process data in the cloud so that the algorithm quickly “understands” what the interlocutors want from it.

AI-powered voice technologies have been used to serve customers for several years. The more such technologies are used, the better they become. Therefore, they have such a potential for customer service: it is convenient for the consumer and saves time and business resources.

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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