How to Deal with a Premises Liability Claim: Where to Start

If a person slips and falls or is otherwise injured while in a business or on someone else’s property, they may have a claim for compensation for any injuries sustained in the incident. When this is the case, it’s important to know what to do next. The wrong move could jeopardize the case or lead to the claimant receiving less compensation than they should get. Read below to learn where to start with any premises liability claim. 

Gather Evidence and Expenses

Start by gathering any evidence or proof of expenses related to the incident. Evidence may include photos or videos of the accident or of what happened after the accident, witness information, surveillance video footage of the incident, or anything else the claimant has to show what happened and how they were injured. Evidence is needed to help win a premises liability claim, but it is okay if the claimant can’t get everything on their own. The lawyer they hire can help with this.

premises liability claim

It’s also important to gather any proof of expenses. This will be needed to determine how much compensation the claimant should receive. Expenses can include anything related to the incident, but commonly include medical bills, repair bills for damaged personal items, and proof of lost wages. It is important to discuss the full impact of the incident with a lawyer to determine if there are any other expenses that could be covered. 

Have a Consultation With a Lawyer

Once the claimant has gathered as much evidence and proof of expenses as possible, the next step is to consult with a lawyer. Consultations are generally free or inexpensive and provide claimants with the opportunity to learn more about the case. At this point, the claimant will want to review the case and the evidence they have with the lawyer, then give the lawyer a few minutes to look at everything. The lawyer will then provide advice for the client as to whether or not it’s possible to obtain compensation for the incident. If it is, the claimant will need to determine if they want to hire the lawyer. 

Start Working With Lawyer on the Case

If the claimant does want to hire a lawyer, they should start working on the case together right away. The lawyer will help gather any evidence such as surveillance footage that may be needed and that was unobtainable by the claimant as well as look into the expenses to determine what can be included in any request for compensation. The lawyer will then start negotiations with the at-fault party or their insurance company. The goal is to get the insurance company to settle for the highest amount possible, ensuring the claimant doesn’t need to pay any accident-related expenses out of pocket. 

Those who are injured and may have a premises liability claim will want to be careful with what they do or say after the incident until they can speak with a lawyer. It is a good idea to start gathering any evidence or proof of expenses as soon as possible, then set up a consultation with a lawyer to learn more about the case. The lawyer can work on the case going forward, helping the claimant make sure they receive the highest settlement possible for the case if they are entitled to compensation. 

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