An Entrepreneur’s Link Building Guide For 2022

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When people search for products and services in Google or other search engines, digital traffic is created. That’s why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial for businesses that want to improve their website’s visibility. SEO is the process of optimizing a website or a piece of content for it to rank higher on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Of course, the more your website is visible, the more people you can attract and convert to paying customers.  

A high SERP rank will only happen when you have multiple backlinks from trusted and authoritative websites. That’s why it’s essential to improve and excel in link building. The more you acquire follow or no-follow links, the more your website is exposed, thus, allowing you to generate leads. 

In this guide, you’ll understand what link building is and how it’ll help your business expand. You’ll also get to know the different strategies that you can apply as you explore the world of link building. 

What Is Link Building?  

Link building is the process of making other websites link to a page on your website. It requires relationship building through email outreach. These relevant site owners will link to your content primarily because it increases the value they provide to their audience. So, link building benefits both parties.  

Why Is Link Building Beneficial To Your Business?  

Link building can be challenging, but you need to understand why it’s worth the effort.   

These are the two primary reasons why entrepreneurs would want to maximize link building: 

1. Rank High In Google 

Search engines like Google have a page ranking system. It’s a mathematical formula that judges the value of a page by crawling the web and looking at the quality of the other pages that link back to it.   

When quality and authoritative websites link to your page, its SERP ranking improves. That’s because if one website links to your page, that site technically gives you a vote. The more votes your website receives, the higher your position in the SERP is. Simply put, a link from a high-authority website attests that your site is valid, high-quality, and trusted. It gets favored by the search engine as a result.  

2. Garner Actual Business Value 

Brand awareness of your products and services and even referrals also come with link building. That’s why it’s also a good revenue driver for your business. The more you get exposure from the links you acquired, the more you gain the trust of potential customers.  

Effective Link Building Guides To Escalate Your Business

Link building can be challenging for starters. However, by doing with the help of the guides listed below, effective link building is feasible.

1. Guest Posting 

Guest posting is writing an article for another relevant website that falls under your niche with the intention of backlinking to your page.   

Massive traffic and exposure will be created for your site through this strategy. However, this requires quality content in a consistent manner for continuous improvement.  

To do so, you can:  

  • Search for websites that allow guest posting. You can search for ‘SEO + write for us + guest post/blogs’ in your search engine.  
  • Send them an engaging guest post email regarding your intent. It will be essential to show them how the collaboration would bring value to your audiences.  

Pro tip

You can also send your pitch to sites related to your niche. Truth be told, no blog would discard an opportunity to engage visitors through well-written content. So, take your chance now!   

link building guide

2. Offering Case Studies 

Are you a fan of specific brands, products, or services? Well, it’s time to list them down, reach them out, and increase your website’s ranking.  

The case study strategy works by offering a company a case study for their products or services and promoting to everyone how you’ve been genuinely pleased.  

To do so:  

  • List down different brands or services you use or find worth linking.  
  • Email them with your intent of creating a case study for them in exchange for a backlink  

Pro tip:  

Make sure to create a valuable case study and impress them with the results of your offer. Doing so will encourage them to get you on board and give you a do-follow backlink in return.  

3. Broken Link Building  

By the name itself, broken link-building is a strategy that maximizes the broken links or the non-existing links on the website’s page.  

If you’re a busy marketer who has limited time to write blog content yourself, this strategy is highly beneficial for you.  

How does this work?  

  • Find blog pages that have links that are non-existent or those that no longer work.  
  • Email that website /blogger and suggest replacing the broken link with similar content from your site.  

Pro tip:  

Make sure to mention the relevance of this tactic in your pitch and how high-value your resource page is. Explain how this will optimize SEO juice for both of your websites.  


Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran in the business world, link building should always be a part of your game plan as you drive your way towards success. 

Link building may be tough, but it’s a smart and strategic way for your site to create search traffic, garner exposure, and gain the customers’ trust. 

Understand and apply this entrepreneur’s link-building guide, and you’ll be on your way to market expansion and superiority in your field of trade.