Sales Funnel Template

sales funnel template

Making happen all your customers flow through your sales funnel is an important part of your business. It is the circulation that brings life to your company.

After a series of three posts related to this topic where you can read about the basics of sales funnel, sales funnel improvements and sales funnel metrics, I want to share a sales funnel template that you can use to plan the sales and marketing activities that will change the metrics of the funnel itself.

It is a template that will calculate the conversion rates of different stages and will give you possibilities to brainstorm strategies with which you can improve the metrics and achieve the goals when it comes to the sales or income projections for the future.

The sales funnel template will give you the number of customers that you must have at the end of the funnel and the number of prospects that must enter at the beginning of the sales funnel.

Sales Funnel Template Input Parameters

Following parameters you can input into the form:

  • Total number of leads that are aware of your offer as a first stage of the funnel.
  • Total number of leads showing interest in your offer.
  • Total number of leads showing a desire for your offer.
  • Total number of customers who pay you for your offer

Additionally, these sales funnel templates give you possibilities to see the requirements for improvements based on the parameters as results of the following questions:

  • How much income you would like to have?
  • How much is average sale?

So, based on these two questions and previous input data the sales funnel template will calculate how many customers you will need if you want to succeed in realizing the goals about the income and how many improvements you will need to make in your sales funnel to increase the total conversion rate.

Also, you can write three strategies for each stage in the sales funnel in order to start working on improvements in the conversion rate at all stages in the funnel.