Planning To Ship A Large Package? Here’s Some Important Advice

If you are planning to ship a large package, it is important to take the time for research and preparation. From choosing the correct size box to getting your hands on enough packing materials, many steps need to be taken before shipping off your item. And then of course, once you’ve shipped it off there’s tracking information that needs updating. To help make this process easier this article is going to go over some important advice.

Know the weight and dimensions of your package

One of the primary things that you need to do before shipping a package is to determine its weight and dimensions. According to the seasoned providers of last mile delivery in Singapore services, this information is important when it comes to selecting the right size box, as well as when it is time to calculate the shipping costs. You can find this information by using a scale and measuring tape, or you can use an online tool for more precise results.

Select the right box size

After you know the weight and dimensions of your package, it is time to select the right-sized box. Oversized boxes can often lead to increased shipping costs, so it is important to choose a box that is just big enough for your item. You can find free templates for standard box sizes on the internet but the key is to make sure that the package isn’t too big or too small.

Find out if it’s a hazardous material

You may also need to determine the classification of your item to determine how it can be shipped. All hazardous materials must have a hazard class, which is determined by the degree of danger they pose when transported or stored improperly. You can find this information on the proper shipping name and UN number for your package using an online tool. You may be surprised that shipping hazardous materials does not always mean that you need to use a freight service, and in fact, they can often be sent using regular ground shipping.

Pack your item securely

Once you have the right-sized box, it is time to pack your item securely. This means using enough packing material so that the product doesn’t move around during transit and also so that it is protected from any potential damage. Bubble wrap, foam peanuts, and airbags are all great ways to keep your package safe. You can also use a box cutter or scissors for cutting up cardboard boxes so that they fit snugly around the item inside the box, but be careful not to damage it in any way.

Get packing materials

In addition to finding a good-sized box, you should also get the necessary packing materials for your item. If you don’t already have them, there are many places online where you can purchase these items at a discounted price if they’re in good condition and/or unopened. Just make sure that the packing materials are suited for the type of product you’re shipping.

Update your tracking information

Once your package is ready to go, be sure to update its tracking information on whatever platform you are using. This will ensure that you and the recipient have up-to-date information on where your package is at all times. But keep in mind that not all shipping companies provide real-time tracking information, so if you are shipping with one of these providers it is important to use their website or email platform for updates.

However, before this, you should also double-check that you have all the necessary postage, labels, and other shipping supplies before sending off your package. This way you can avoid an unnecessary trip to the post office before they close. And don’t forget that it is important to inform your carrier of any special circumstances or measurements like if your item weighs over 50 pounds, measures more than 108 inches in length, or requires specific storage conditions while in transit. That way there won’t be any surprises when your package arrives at its destination.

As you can see many steps need to be taken before shipping off your package and then once shipped even more tasks that need to be completed. The ones listed above are just a few of the most important things to keep in mind when shipping a large package. Shipping a large package can be a daunting task, but with these tips, it doesn’t have to be. Just remember to take your time in preparation and you’ll be sure to have a smooth shipping experience. By following these tips, you can help ensure that your item arrives safely and on time. Happy shipping!

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