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In any industry, the ideal way to learn is through reading, which is true of sales. It is not necessarily about what you are reading but that you read more content as a form of self-development. Ultimately that places you in the top percentile earning income in society as a whole, and that’s by reading merely one book per month; consider if you were to indulge each week.

To (quote) an expert:

books on selling

“An hour of study per day in a chosen field, perhaps books on selling, takes you to the top of that industry as soon as three years. Maintaining that pace will make you an authority nationwide within five years, and in seven years, you will be solidified as among the best in the world at what you do.”

Reading an hour a day on sales equates to roughly a book a week and perhaps 50 books annually. Over five years, you could rapidly be considered an expert in the industry, with customers seeking you out for the guidance you can provide based on your knowledge and experience.

Unfortunately, many representatives in the industry get that concept mixed up. A customer does not want to be sold to. If they read books on selling, they will learn how to approach the customer in a way the client wants to be approached, eventually working out to better sales and a happier audience.

What Should a Salesman Read?

When a salesperson is new to the field, there is much to be learned as there would be for anyone new to an industry. Many people fail to take advantage of the one tool that gives the most information and provides the most effective training – books.

The ideal tool for salespeople is reading books. Consuming one book in each week can eventually lead to you being considered an expert in your industry and cause your target group to develop massive trust in your ability in the field and with their specific needs.

You need to concentrate on one specific topic with your reading; no one can recommend your direction. That is a personal and professional choice as to where you prefer to develop your expertise.

Many individuals who work in the industry want to influence and motivate people with an adequate understanding of their needs.

To understand a specific group of people, it is essential to have more knowledge of the world around you, including the people that you interact with daily beyond the buyer profile you are expected to build, plus this demographic’s particular needs and goals that reach above what they are seeking out your services for. Click here to learn why sales skills make a difference for everyone.

Some of the most sought out reading for a salesperson looking for a targeted group of people to interact with to sell goods and services, there are reading materials that cover three subjects that would be beneficial in this industry:

1. Sales (of course):

As a sales representative, you, of course, want to read materials that will help you to become a much better representative in your industry.

That not only benefits you as far as income potential, but it allows you to offer specialized services to a group of people that you hope to develop a long-term relationship with.

That’s the goal; a recurring, personal partnership with the clientele you meet for a first sale. Everyone says business should not become emotional.

What? Why? It should be nothing but personal. A customer looks for that personable establishment where everyone knows their name when they appear in the store. That is when a client returns to buy more products because they become personal.

2. Worldwide:

When selling to a demographic, they want you to understand their location and what is happening in their world. That means you read up on the area, the world, what is going on, so you can relate.

It makes you relatable and allows the audience to feel as though they can open to you vulnerably. That means any hesitance or resistance will be expressed to you, and you then could calm those fears where you might not have otherwise realized them.

3. The industry:

As someone reading about the industry on a full-time basis, you know the ins and outs so well you are aware of the technology and remain current above any competition, even among those within your same organization. You can service those within your facility.

That helps your audience see that you are a trusted representative they can count on for valuable information without seeking management or other resources to validate what is told to them.

Final Thought

No one can advise you on what you have to read or what you should read to be a better salesperson. It is merely a point to show you the direction you need to take in reading as much as possible in a given week.

Hence, you appear to your audience as the expert in the industry who can answer the target group’s needs and provide for their desires. Go to to learn what customers want from their sales rep.

A client who sees the salesperson educating on not only the sales industry, but the demographic’s world will trust what the rep has to say over anyone else in the field and do business with that particular professional over any competition.

It makes you stand out, which is hard to do as tough as competition is in each industry. That means reading, as is encouraged from a child up, is genuinely a tool everyone can benefit from.

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