How To Get Quality Cosmetic Laser Equipment For Your Medspa On A Budget

Cosmetic laser equipment is the future of the beauty world. Laser is now used for a variety of purposes, from hair removal to skin tightening and rejuvenation, technology sure can be a miracle worker. We’re convinced that there’s nothing laser can’t do! Unsurprisingly, more and more people all around the world are starting to use this new technology, which is why it’s about time to provide it in your own medspa. Unfortunately, quality cosmetic laser equipment can be quite expensive. This is why we’re here to tell you how you can purchase it on a budget. 

Set a Budget

Before you set out to shop for cosmetic laser equipment, you have to do your research. You must determine the quality and the features that you’re looking for beforehand. This is because while some equipment is as low as $1000, others can cost up to $120000. Set a reasonable price range to help you narrow down your search. This way, you will know which brands and models to look into, and which ones to avoid. 


Next, you need to determine whether you want to invest in new equipment or if you’re willing to purchase used ones. You need to keep in mind that equipment is depreciable, meaning that they start to lose value as soon as they’re purchased, even if they haven’t been used much.

New equipment costs more but it guarantees that the machinery will be in optimal condition. However, the cosmetic laser equipment resellers at The Laser Warehouse suggest that you can purchase used equipment that is in mint condition for a lot cheaper. Your safest bet is to inquire about when the equipment was purchased and how long it was used. If possible, try to find out who was its previous owner and why they sold it. If it’s a reputable clinic that sold it for an upgrade, then chances are that it’s working efficiently. Disreputable medspas may not have taken good care of the equipment they used to own so it might be for the best to avoid purchasing their old equipment altogether. 

Payment Options

As you know, laser equipment is a very hefty investment, making it one of the most valued assets to have in the business world of cosmetics and skincare. This is why you must be aware of all the different payment options you have to buy a laser machine. Paying with cash, although incredibly difficult, has many benefits. It offers complete equity upfront and allows you to avoid paying loan fees. However, if your business is not in a comfortable position or just starting out, this will consume plenty of capital, affecting the assets’ liquidity.

You can also look into financing or loans offered by different companies or banks. Though, you need to keep in mind that this will require you to pay back a lot of loan fees and interest. Loans also depend on your credit score, which is not suitable for everyone. You can consider leasing your laser equipment. This solution can decrease the monthly costs of owning machinery and is more flexible when it comes to trading in older models for newer ones. Sadly, the money you spend doesn’t allow your medspa to obtain any equity in the equipment. Finally, you can rent laser technology, which might cost around $500 to $700 a day. This is a great option if you want to test out how your target audience will respond to the technology before investing in full. 

Cosmetic laser equipment is growing more and more popular in the beauty industry. If you’re the owner of a medspa, then you must realize the importance of providing laser technology for your clients. Fortunately, there are several ways in which you can buy laser equipment without breaking the bank.

Dragan Sutevski

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