How to Make Your eCommerce Business Thrive

As the COVID-19 pandemic changed people’s shopping habits, one can, without a doubt, say that business has been booming in the past two years when it comes to eCommerce. The pandemic expedited the popularity of eCommerce and caused fierce market competition, prompting small-time entrepreneurs and businesses to look for ways to grow their eCommerce businesses.

There are no signs that this upward trend will be reversed. An increasing number of consumers are shopping online, causing the eCommerce industry to skyrocket. However, when there’s fierce competition, growth can be somewhat of a challenge. Luckily, business owners can always find useful tips and strategies to implement.

If you’re one of those looking to move your business forward, in this article, we’ll share some tips that can be suitable for your business needs and ultimately make your eCommerce business thrive.

Consider Crowdfunding

There are many people out there with entrepreneurial spirits who have amazing ideas and want to launch a great eCommerce business but are not quite sure how to get it off the ground. Most businesses today consider the traditional route of obtaining a bank loan, but you still need a certain amount of money to produce, market, and ship your products to the world.

A perfect solution to get noticed could be crowdfunding. In essence, crowdfunding is a platform that provides potential businesses with the opportunity to pitch a product or service idea to an online community that is out there interested in investing.

One of the best ways for creative people to launch their idea is to make it part of the best Kickstarter projects to help raise money for their eCommerce business. Before making your idea part of a crowdfunding platform, make sure that you have a viable plan that catches the attention of the community.

Also, invest in your business branding by using high-quality images, interesting content, and a professional logo that will make you look like a trustworthy company that will follow through if given funding.

Improve Website’s User Experience

Nowadays, the fate of any eCommerce greatly depends on the user experience. Customers demand respectable levels of quality and a website that’s up to the highest standards.

However, certain features that you might not have thought about can make a world of difference. If you have an online store and wish to succeed on the international market, you might need to consider translating your content and appeal to the target market and do not forget about making it possible for foreigners to be able to pay in their local currency, regardless of where they’re from.

Selling overseas means that you need to have a payment strategy that will include a local payment option when the customer checks out. In this way, you’ll succeed in dominating your conversion rates.

This will allow your store to process more sales, and appeal to new customers. This means that you should consider installing a currency conversion API for your online store that will be a safe and secure process that will provide you with plenty of currency conversion options, and help you win your website visitors’ trust.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool for engaging your current and future customers and increasing your chances of becoming their first choice in future purchases. It’s largely about communicating with people who may be interested in buying products or services that your business offers.

The primary point of email marketing is to build trust and build a brand. Email marketing usually consists of an email containing news, promotions, or information about your business. These mails must therefore convey some form of value to the customer.

Email marketing comes with many benefits. You can use email marketing to drive traffic and increase sales to a website, strengthen customer loyalty and strengthen the relationship with the brand. With email marketing, you can also get a good insight into what kind of information and content interests your customers.

You can see which links are clicked, which customers make purchases, and which parts of your email are read the most.

Improved Customer Service

Marketing is a necessity for customers to know that you exist, but once they’ve made a purchase, the experience of that purchase will determine if they want to come back and if they want to tell their friends about your online store.

Having a live chat option can be beneficial for your eCommerce website as many inexperienced customers may have concerns and want to ask about specific products. Make sure this feature is easily accessible so that new potential customers get assistance right away.

By offering good customer service, your customers will keep coming back time and time again, and the investment you made in marketing to reach them in the first place will pay off many times over. And good customer service doesn’t have to be difficult; through clear communication about the delivery of purchased goods and fast handling of returns, you’ll be on a good path.

Final Thoughts

While there isn’t an overnight solution on how to grow your eCommerce business, some of the abovementioned tips will surely help you boost sales. Get to know your customers, monitor your strategies as often as you can, adjust accordingly and dare to experiment with new technology available to improve your customers’ overall experience and ultimately help your eCommerce business thrive.

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

Dragan Sutevski is a founder and CEO of Sutevski Consulting, creating business excellence through innovative thinking. Get more from Dragan on Twitter. Contact Dragan