Warehouse Safety Tips: 4 Ways to Keep Your Employees Safe

The popularity of online shopping continues to rise, which has resulted in more and more businesses expanding into warehouse premises. Having additional space to house stock should help you increase your sales and work towards business expansion. However, running a warehouse operation brings a tonne of added responsibility.

There are many workplace hazards and safety issues to consider, so if it is all new to you and you don’t have much experience in warehouse safety, you need to familiarise yourself with the basics. The welfare of your workforce is paramount, so you can’t afford to cut any corners.

Here are 4 ways to keep your employees safe in a warehouse setting. 


Both initial and ongoing training is crucial and should substantially reduce the risk of any accidents. When a new employee joins your team, you should carry out a full induction, as well as safety training, on-the-job procedures, and a tour of the warehouse. You should also ensure that ongoing training is offered periodically to existing staff.

Over time, it’s easy to start deviating from standard protocol or forget key safety measures, so there is no harm in refreshing memories once in a while. Not only should it help with health and safety, but to keep employees motivated and focussed, which, in turn, can lead to increased productivity.

Falling objects

Most warehouse set-ups involve a multi-level storage structure which can increase the risk of accident and injury. Warehouse guard rails fitted on upper levels will form a barrier and reduce the risk of falls from dangerous edges or corners. As well as lessening the risk of staff members falling, they should reduce the chances of any goods dropping from height – both of which can have catastrophic results.

Personal protection equipment, by way of hard hats and steel toe boots, should also be used to protect employees from being badly wounded in the event of a fall.


Warehouses are dangerous places and so, to ensure high levels of visibility, adequate lighting is a must. It will make far more comfortable surroundings for your workforce and reduce the potential of any accidents involving machinery taking place.

It’s not only lighting that can help improve visibility. High visibility vests and jackets are a must in a warehouse setting, so be sure to check that all employees have them. Fluorescent floor tape is a great way to designate areas deemed strictly for machinery and can also be used to draw attention to steps or potential trip hazards.


One of the most underestimated ways to ramp up warehouse safety is to promote good communication within your team. The better your employees support each other and communicate, the more productive your business will be and the less chance of running into any health and safety problems.

Make sure your team knows the correct lines of communication and why it is so important, and it should help minimize the risk of accident and injury.

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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