A Beginners Guide to Fix and Flip Property Investments

fix and flip property investments

If you are just getting into the flipping house business, there are just too many things to learn.

No doubt!

So, we may have bad news for you; you cannot learn the art of fixing and flipping property investment in a single weekend course.

In fact, you can’t learn by reading one article and think you can now pull a profitable deal. Contrary to what investment gurus say, flipping houses is not easy.

However, that doesn’t mean you cannot master the art of fixing and flipping property investment. The best way to learn is by doing it on your own, making mistakes along the way, and learning from the mistakes. 

That said, it is important to have a safeguard in place to ensure you minimize the risk associated with the fix and flip investments.

This is where we come into the frame. We share information with individuals and help them understand different markets and their shortcomings.

In this article, we are doing the same by sharing valuable information on what a beginner needs to do while venturing to fix and flip investments.

The Basics Of Fixing And Flipping Investment

Perhaps the reason why you have entered the house flipping business after seeing house fixing and flipping shows that made the process look too easy. However, let us make one thing clear, those shows do not show the challenges of the market.

For instance:

  • Finding a house.
  • Paying for it.
  • Getting the right customer to sell it.

Even the individuals who have been in this business for many years still encounter problems that are hard to deal with at times.

Here are the three basic steps to becoming a successful house flipper.

Step 1: Locate The Properties At The Right Price point

A flipping business can only be profitable if you find the property at the right price point. The best way to solve this problem is by looking for undervalued homes.

Dilapidated homes are available at low prices because the homeowners want to leave the property and are ready to accept cash offers.

Buying-Fixing-Selling of these types of houses allows the individual to make the most out of the deal.

Step 2: Estimate The Cost Of Repairs

Just finding a house at the best price will not ensure you a profit. Before you make the purchase decision, it is critical to accurately evaluate the cost of repairs and the final market price of the house as well as how you plan to fund the repair costs, whether with cash or a specialised fix and flip loan.

Sometimes the house might look from outside, and you might feel tempted to offer a good price for the house. But, you must curb your temptation. Before discussing the price, you evaluate the house from the inside out.

Find the elements that can help you reduce the house price and evaluate the cost of repairs. This will give you an estimation of the future market price of the house ready to flip.

Step 3: Sell It To The Right Buyer

Finally, find the right buyer!

Many people predict the right market to sell the house. This is a common mistake because predicting the market will only impact the industry.

In fact, some people wait for the right buyer to come and offer the best price. Well, that is a good strategy to get the best price for your property, but holding it for too long might give away a negative image.

Create a bottom line for your sale, and when an offer comes, complete the deal!

Sell A Flipped House!

Once you have finished up the repair and are ready for the sale, it might seem like the end of the project.

But, the final stretch of the race is still left.

You need to continue to work hard to market your property to get the best ROI possible.

Work on inviting and making the individual feel like living there. Make your buyers imagine how their life will look while walking through the house.

This helps potential buyers picture themselves in the home with their family instead of seeing only the empty house.


If you are serious about getting into the flipping business, there is certainly a place for you. Taking the first is definitely harder, but after the first steps, it might feel doable. We are here to help you guide through your entrepreneurial journey.

Yes, the flipping business is full of uncertainty.

But, the buying and selling part doesn’t have to be!