Link Building to Help You Get More Visits to Your Website

SEO Link-Building Mistakes

One of the SEO actions most applied by those creators of web content is link building, which is described as a set of actions to create a certain amount of external links to a website in order to boost web traffic in addition to increasing its authority.

The application of this type of strategy takes advantage of the popularity and authority of other web pages, in order to benefit ours, through external links we can convey the quality of our content to the ever-changing algorithm of search engines.

Link Building is defined as a technique or set of actions to create external links and thus help in the SEO positioning of a web page in the search engines of browsers. External links or backlinks are those that indicate to the search engine algorithm that the content is of value, resulting in an increase in the authority of the page.

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Being a search engine whose algorithm is so changeable, Google has established different types of aspects so that web pages rank in their ranking, being certain very important factors that must be taken into account in the evaluation of the links that are placed, as they are:

  • The amount of links, one of the main and first factors that Google took, at the time that a web page had enough links denoted popularity, today it is still important but with the difference that these links must prioritize the quality of the links instead of the quantity.
  • Diversity of links, for the famous search engine it is essential that different domains are taken into account when linking them, since it will demonstrate more authority.
  • Context of the link, Google may analyze the context in which the link is being added in order to define whether it is relevant or not.
  • Anchor Text, the chosen word where the link is to be anchored, can say a lot, be it a keyword or a brief description, this will affect its relevance to the Google algorithm.
  • Reliability, with the TrustRank function, Google has managed to place a filter so that the algorithm considers the reliability of the sites in the ranking.

What will be achieved when applying this type of strategy?

Being a type of SEO strategy that gives us the possibility of increasing the web traffic of our page, as long as it is applied correctly, over time we can observe certain as they are:

  • A better position of our website in search engines, since we will concentrate on improving and creating quality content and making use of quality external links.
  • Improvement in search engine ranking, the more websites link to your web page, the higher the search engine list will appear.
  • Traffic to your website, by maintaining quality content and obtaining a good position, will help increase traffic to your website, making it popular.
  • Increased authority and reliability in the search engine algorithm

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