4 Essential Marketing Tips for Educational Institutions

Modern schools and colleges are harnessing the power of digital marketing. In a bid to reach out to more potential enrollees, these institutions are spending time and resources.

In an article on HechingerReport.com, colleges and universities spend $229 to $623 on marketing per enrolled student each year. The same can’t be said for small private secondary schools that can only do so much with a minimal marketing budget.

Regardless of the resources they control, administrators should focus on using the most effective channels and strategies for promoting their institutions. Whether you are a chancellor at a private college or the owner of a vocational training center, these marketing tips should help you focus your efforts on getting the best returns.

1. Start with a set of goals

Any marketing plan should start with a clear set of goals. This will help you focus on the right strategies and avoid spending needlessly on marketing campaigns that won’t support the growth of your institution.

Is there a need to increase student enrollment? Should you focus more on building linkages or inviting international applicants? It’s best that you define your objectives from the get-go so you can make the most out of your marketing budget.

2. Create an effective website

Enrollees need to learn everything about their school or college. From program offerings to campus culture, you can highlight the best things about your institution through a well-designed website that makes it easy for visitors to read its contents.

Apart from an easy-to-use interface, your website should also be mobile responsive so students or their parents can view it through smaller screens. Don’t forget to reduce the loading speed while ensuring a perfect balance between text and visual content.

3. Give updates using social media

Social media is a powerful channel that lets you showcase what life is like on campus. Aside from using your social media pages for issuing advisories and making announcements consider posting about special events and achievements through your institution’s Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages.

You can also feature successful alumni or veteran teachers. Posting videos on the most popular spots around campus can also nudge enrollees towards signing up.

4. Use newsletters for updates

Students and their parents who are looking around for the right school need a lot of information before choosing the right one. Apart from checking out your institution’s website, they might want to get updates about your school. For this, consider starting a newsletter campaign. Encourage website visitors to sign up so you can send updates about school activities and announcements.

Make sure that your emails are personalized based on location, language, and other demographic factors. You can use automated marketing software for segmenting your audience and sending out an email for every specific action. For instance, if an enrollee or their parent applies for an art degree, you can send messages that are relevant to this program. When it comes to marketing a school or college, it pays to know what approaches to use. Even if you don’t have the budget to spend for it, a well-thought-out marketing strategy will help you gain traction.

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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