10 Steps to Become a Better Entrepreneur

become a better entrepreneur

So, you want to become an entrepreneur, but not any type of entrepreneur. You want to become a better entrepreneur.

How can you become a better entrepreneur? What do you need to take in order to achieve this? What action steps do you need to take to improve yourself as an entrepreneur?

These are very complicated questions that can’t be answered with a simple template that you can follow. Different businesses and different persons – entrepreneurs, need different action steps.

But, as always, there are commonly used principles or action steps that have the potential to differentiate an average entrepreneur from a better and successful entrepreneur.

In the last several years, I have worked with different entrepreneurs from different industries and different businesses from different markets. They are all different, and none of them has taken the same action steps to their own success. But, I can make the difference between them as more successful ones and average entrepreneurs. All successful entrepreneurs use the following action steps, and because of that, they become successful entrepreneurs:

1. Successful entrepreneurs are action-takers.

They have ideas and want to dream about them, but also they take action in order to succeed in their dreams to become true. Without actions, they can’t be what they are today. Without actions, their dreams can’t come true. Without actions, they cannot become entrepreneurs.

2. They always take more actions

Yes, they always take more actions because they are not satisfied with a current status-quo situation, even if they have taken action previously and succeeded with that action. There is always something more for them, something that can be improved, something better…

3. Entrepreneurs without community cannot be entrepreneurs.

Successful entrepreneurs have a large base of supporters, common thinkers, attention grabbers, and followers. They know that without them, their business will be in danger. They know that their business success will be dependent on that community. Because of that, one of the most important tasks for them is the improvement of quantity and quality of their community.

4. They learn from their community.

Their supporters, their common thinkers, attention grabbers, and followers can always give them ideas about possible improvements, possible needs, or possible problems that the business can solve. These entrepreneurs have the biggest potential to increase their business potential energy directly from their community, increasing their knowledge about what people want. In such a way, they can give them what they want. That’s a win-win situation.

5. They are not afraid of failure.

They want to fail, but to fail fast as soon as possible. If they make a mistake, it is better to fail in the early stages of the project when failing is not so painful for them.

6. They learn from failing and their mistakes.

If they don’t fail, they can’t learn. If they don’t learn, they can’t know what to do in the future. Is it simple?

So, failures are something that brings new knowledge and experience to them, and in such a way, they become better business owners.

become a better entrepreneur - action steps

7. They are using everything they learn in their next action steps.

They are always willing to take action, and they take action. But what they know from formal or informal learning they are using in their everyday work. That’s the standard for the future.

8. They always try to learn something new.

They are reading books that can improve their entrepreneurial life. They talk with people and learn at the same time. They never stop trying different ways to learn something new that they can use for their businesses.

9. They never forget to take action.

Each decision must be implemented. Each project must start and finish. There are always things that need to be done.

10. And, yes, failure is a part of their everyday life.

If it is managed in the right way, they can fail nine times from 10 attempts. But, the last success will be worth of previous 9 fails.

So, you need to do something, fail, and learn from that. That’s the basic philosophy to becoming a better entrepreneur.

Can you share your thoughts about successful entrepreneurs? What do you think? Is there something more that will improve the list?

Yes, there is always something that can be improved, even the list that I describe here.