Path Social Review: Should You Sign Up?

Path Social review

How can you get your posts noticed by the right people on Instagram when there are hundreds of millions of posts to compete with on a daily basis? Post reach is one of the keys to gaining more Instagram followers. But you also have to make sure your posts reach the right people — your target audience — to get followers who will invest their time, at the very least, on your brand’s content. If getting the attention of your audience has been a frustrating struggle, a growth service might be the solution you need. Our Path Social review will help you decide whether or not this company is the best choice for your brand’s growth.

Should You Put Your Instagram Growth in the Hands of Path Social?

Practicing caution when choosing a growth service is wise. Services that use bots and fake accounts and those that only intend to steal your information are swarming the internet. Finding a company you can trust to help you grow on Instagram is like looking for a sharp needle in a stack of dull ones. So is Path Social the real deal?

After an examination of their website, Path Social appears to tick all the right boxes, as far as their assertions go:

  • Real, organic Instagram followers.
  • No bots.
  • No fake users.
  • AI targeted growth.
  • Trusted by more than 24,000 individuals and brands for organic Instagram growth and promotion.
  • More than 4,000 Instagram followers monthly on average.
  • A score of 4.86 out of 5 based on verified user reviews.
  • Impressive reviews from big names featured on the website.

Their Case Studies page displays more results from clients across various niches, specifically highlighting their remarkable growth in numbers.

Path Social also boasts of their experience in Instagram growth strategy, and they can definitely walk the talk given that the company has been around for nearly 10 years. It’s worth noting that Instagram has been around for 11 years, so one could say that these two companies practically “grew up” together. Path Social’s longevity despite the ever-evolving changes in user needs and expectations and the constant social media innovations is a good indication of the company’s ability to adapt and reinvent itself as the need arises.

In terms of industry experience and reliability, you’d be putting your brand’s growth in very capable hands if you choose Path Social. 

instagram followers with service

Path Social Features

Path Social packages itself as a social media agency, and they do more than just deliver followers to your doorstep. But our Path Social review focuses on their growth services, so let’s examine their two key features.

Advanced AI Targeting

As an expert in Instagram growth, Path Social knows that advanced targeting plays a critical role in building a strong and lasting presence on the platform. Other services that use bots and fake accounts are not capable of target precision and accuracy, so to speak. This is because the bots/fake accounts are completely random and their only purpose is to inflate follower numbers.

With Path Social’s proprietary advanced AI targeting algorithm, they’re able to zero in on the most suitable people for a client’s content, brand, and niche. Advanced targeting ensures that the followers they track down and drive towards your account are Instagram users whose interests and preferences are aligned with what you have to offer. Their AI targeting technology essentially acts as a matchmaker — one with a very high success rate.

Organic Promotion and Engagement

The other critical ingredient in an effective Instagram growth formula is organic engagement from your audience. In a perfect Instagram world, your followers will freely and regularly engage with your content; this is, in fact, achievable if you have amazing content. The real challenge is getting your content noticed amidst the deluge of posts made every day.

This is where Path Social’s in-house team of strategists, including their own network of influencers, comes in. There are real people who manually put your content where it’ll be most visible to your target audience. And they use their influencer connections to literally call attention to your content through shoutouts.

To get genuine engagement for your content, Path Social also employs genuine outreach to actively engage your target audience.

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How Do You Sign Up for a Path Social Account?

We tried it out ourselves and completed the sign-up process in minutes. Here’s how:

  1. Go to and click on the “Get Started” button.
  2. You’ll be taken to the Pricing page; select between Instagram Elite and Instagram Core. Click the “Start Growing Today” button on the package of your choice.
  3. Provide your Instagram handle and email, then click “Continue.”
  4. Complete the payment process and you’re good to go!

Before Path Social goes to work, you’ll also be asked to identify your target audience. Their advanced targeting will be based on the filters you select for your audience’s age, gender, location, and hashtags used.

Path Social Price Packages

  • Instagram Elite is $69 per month, or $2.30 per day. You can expect between 2,000 and 3,500 new followers per month.
  • Instagram Core is $49 per month, or $1.63 per day. You can expect 800 to 1,500 new followers per month.
Path Social Price Packages

Both plans come with the following:

  • AI profile review
  • Influencer shoutouts
  • Relevant hashtags
  • Real-time analytics
  • Activity log
  • Promotion through email newsletters
  • Engagement sources information

Instagram Elite-only features include:

  • Path Social advanced AI targeting
  • Manual targeting review
  • Up to 10x more shoutouts and email promotions
  • A dedicated Account Success Manager and expert insights
  • 24/7 premium support
  • Access to beta features
  • Exclusive invites to Path Social seminars, webinars, and events

Compared to other growth services, Path Social’s plans are moderately priced. The most expensive plan out there is $200+ per month! The cheaper ones most likely also deliver cheap results. Does this mean that Path Social only delivers average results?

Path Social, obviously, has to stay competitive with their pricing while still delivering quality service. Given the fact that Instagram has strict limits for certain activities on the platform, such as the number of follows, unfollows, and likes per hour and per day, Path Social has set realistic and safe targets that are achievable with an organic approach. Keep in mind that even with many, many hands working at computers to promote your content and engage your audience organically, you have to stay within Instagram’s limits while achieving optimal numbers for your growth.

Is Path Social the Best Choice for Your Instagram Growth?

Based on our thorough Path Social review, we can confidently say that signing up for a Path Social account is one of the best moves you can make to get closer to your Instagram growth goals. Just one last word of advice: make sure to read the company’s FAQ section and Refund Policy to have all your bases covered.