The Different Types of YouTube Ads

YouTube has grown to become one of the most popular social media platforms. When it was first launched in 2005, it was the first of its kind. No one had come across such an accessible platform, where just about anyone was able to post videos of literally anything, which could then be viewed by a global audience.

YouTube has dramatically changed over the years. In the beginning, people would simply post low-quality, humorous videos that would go viral. Nowadays, YouTube content creators have “high spec” recording equipment, and many actually make a living off the platform. It is fair to say the dynamics of the app have definitely shifted.

YouTube ads

A huge change was made back in 2007 when YouTube introduced video ad formats. This allowed any company who was willing to bid high enough to showcase their advertisements to the relevant audience. In order to do this, they could access the stats of certain content creators to see what their audience enjoys watching the most and then sponsor that video.

Luckily for YouTube watchers, these ads differ from traditional TV ads. The reason being is you have the option to skip these advertising formats if they don’t appeal to you. Let’s discuss the different types of YouTube ads.

In-Stream Ads

One of the most common types of CTV ad formats is skippable in-stream ads. They can appear before a video starts or during. Viewers are obliged to watch the first 5 seconds of these innovative ad formats before being able to skip. Alternatively, you can continue to watch the ad to the very end if it interests you. You are also able to click on the ad and be directed to the relevant webpage, which will tell you more about it.

There are also non-skippable in-stream ads. These are less common but still used a lot around the app. These types of video ad formats are more frustrating for the audience as there is no option to skip. Luckily, they don’t tend to last as long as skippable ones. They can also be before or during a video. If you are a company yourself, looking to use these types of ads, just be aware of consumer habits when it comes to video ad formats, as statistically, 76% of people choose to skip ads.

Non-Video Ads

If the company doesn’t have any great video ad ideas, they don’t need to use in-stream ads; they can use non-video ads. This ad is more of a banner ad or a display ad that can be shown in different areas of a particular webpage. Typically, the ad will have some text and an image, with a call to action button for the viewer to click on. The pricing of one of these ads is different from stream ads, as you are paying per click, not a monthly fee.

Discovery Ads

Discovery ads are one of the advertising formats that go slightly more unnoticed than the others. These appear when making a search on YouTube. Similar to PPC ads that you find on Google when you type in a search term, they appear at the top of the page. Businesses will bid to appear at the top of the particular search term that you have entered.

YouTube will, in fact, warn you that this is an ad by giving it a yellow “ad” tag. These CTV ad formats will be designed to look like the preview of a typical YouTube video, consisting of a video thumbnail, video title, and video description.

Bumper Ads

If businesses want to get a message across in a short but sweet manner, they will use one of YouTube’s most innovative ad formats, known as a bumper ad. These ads last 6 seconds and are straight to the point. They cannot be skipped, but who can’t wait six seconds in reality?

This type of CTV ad format can be highly effective as long as it is done correctly. Businesses will have to be very clever with their marketing message in order for these advertising formats to be successful. These will try to grab viewer attention as much as possible, so expect loud noises and eye-catching graphics.

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