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For content creators that are ready to monetize their video material, there are a variety of video monetization platforms to select from. However, choosing the right one can be a difficult task. YouTube is the most widely utilized video monetization platform. Partially because it is so popular but mostly because it’s free. Many content creators dream of posting content on YouTube and making it big, though this is improbable.

What’s Wrong With YouTube?

With YouTube and other free video-sharing websites, it is easy for content to get lost in the billions of videos uploaded by other creators. In addition, because there is no paywall, there are 720,000 hours of unfiltered video uploaded each day, most of which are aimless and insignificant.

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Even if your content is lucky enough to be seen through that veil of lunacy, you will still be amongst the flagrant lower ranks with a long, generally impossible, struggle to the top. In 2016, the top 3% of all YouTube channels received 90% of all views. Since YouTube has 37 million channels, this is not the best option for content creators who want to be taken seriously.

Even worse, the top 3%’s advertising revenue is only about $12,000 to $16,000 each year, according to Professor Mathias Bartl of Germany’s Offenburg University of Applied Sciences, whose study is one of the first to analyze YouTube Data to learn how it works for creators. Consider how much time it takes to become the top 3% of YouTube video creators, only to make the annual salary of a full-time minimum-wage job.

Meet VlogBox

Thankfully, VlogBox is a significantly superior solution for your video monetization platform. VlogBox is a video content distribution and monetization platform. This means that not only do they monetize your content, they also get your content out there to be seen. With a video monetization platform like VlogBox, success with video ad monetization is more attainable. This is because you are putting your content in the hands of trusted professionals that know the secrets to success. In addition, the paywall keeps out millions of irrelevant videos and cuts out the majority of others who are competing to be seen.

VlogBox Services

VlogBox is a video ad platform that caters to over-the-top (OTT) viewers (Services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, etc.) and CTV (Smart TV) audiences. Their user base consists of 150 thousand monthly users, 80 thousand daily users, and 50 thousand monthly installs. Users spend a combined 14.7 million minutes viewing their content each day, averaging 97 minutes per user. With over 600 Roku apps, 25+ Apple TV apps, 25+ Amazon apps, and 23+ Android TV apps, you’ll be able to reach nearly every household.

VlogBox provides various content delivery options, including video content hosting, encoding, and streaming video content. These features work well together with custom application development for their clients and efficient ad monetization. Furthermore, they allow each client to design and build their app with the help of a manager, although you will be able to leave the development, app management, and after-sales service in the hands of their highly skilled staff.

Generating Revenue

VlogBox is a video monetization platform with ad monetization that can be achieved in 4 different ways:

  • AVOD: Inserted Ads
  • SVOD: Subscription Plans
  • TVOD: Pay-Per-View
  • Hybrid: Any combination of the above

The more viewers see your content, the higher your profit will be. This is another reason to have VlogBox on your team. They have immediate access to dependable demand partners and competitive eCPM prices. So if you’re ready to be seen, take a look at their competitive pricing plans and put the seemingly never-ending struggle to get viewers behind you.

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