Is Bitcoin About Greed or is it About Decentralization And Democracy?

Bitcoin and democracy

Bitcoin has been one of the best and most reliable digital currencies so far. More than 40 billion people all over the world access Bitcoin and invest their time and money in it. Unfortunately, the overall value has dropped down to over 70%. Not only this, many other currencies like Ethereum have also fallen to more than 90%.

Though it was reliable, scamming can also happen, if not analysed properly. As a result, the demand for blockchains keeps arising. So many developers and engineers are working day and night to make Bitcoin a more stable platform, with the best-advanced strategy and techniques. Thus, miners and investors can stay updated with whatever is happening around in the financial market, and also people’s trust can be gained at large rates eventually. Before investing in Bitcoin, you need to choose the best Bitcoin investment apps carefully. In this article, we will see the justifications to prove if Bitcoin is greedy, decentralized, or democratic:

Bitcoin is a decentralized system that tracks and stays updated on all the crypto transactions that have taken place. The collection of these is called blockchains. To increase the profit margin, people have taken blockchains into their hands, in places like Utopia. By increasing the value rate, all the compensations are done precisely.

The same strategy was used in digital currencies too. To one’s bad time, it went wrong. More than 95% of it was hacked. In the case of bank money, it can be brought back. But not in the case of cryptocurrency. The common factor about cryptocurrency is that once one loses, he may never see the currency invested again. That is why one’s advised to look into digital currency carefully before investing.

Bitcoin- A decentralized investment source:

As we all know, bitcoin is decentralized- transfer details of a centralized firm. But, it is also known that decentralization ends up reducing the trust of people. All of the strategies and technologies used in bitcoin are decentralized, but on the other hand, the bitcoin application is not yet settled to be a decentralized one. For quicker and trustable services to be given out, decentralization plays a significant role in Bitcoin investments.

Blockchains are halfway to being claimed as centralized ones, even though Blockchains have not yet proved their stability in the electronic spreadsheet. Also, no firm or organization would trust an anonymous investor behind the scenes. So, the need to make blockchains centralized has no proper justifications to deal with.

Is this cryptocurrency a democratic tool to invest in?

Bitcoin is considered a democratic tool, for its unique strategies and plans. People have their unique decisions and ideas. In real-time, when a miner agrees with your ideas, here goes your luck! When miners agree to your news and vote, a law is born. Even if there are slight changes or variations in the law, and still people accept your point and vows and vote, the law implies.

With certain rules and plans, bitcoin can take a person to further heights. When something attracts people with great ideas and implementations, that is what we call democracy. Thus, this cryptocurrency is something that is completely democratic!

The greed index never settles in Bitcoin:

Who settles for something less? No one does, especially when it comes to wealth. Cryptocurrency has become one of the recent trends in today’s world. With Bitcoins and such digital currencies on one side of the world, the need to attain more has been imprinted on people’s minds.

Bitcoin is a reliable platform for people to invest and stay rewarded. Once the strategies and techniques are learned, one’s luck and smart work can bring him to the next level of success. Obsession with Bitcoins and cryptocurrency can be felt when one starts investing in them. According to researchers, a recent survey reported that the greed index or Bitcoin is more than it ever had in this Bitcoin Era.

In conclusion, Bitcoin is all of what one says- Decentralized, Democratic, and Greed!