Small Business Ideas for Children

There’s no shortage of things to do to keep your child’s creativity and imagination running at full throttle. If your child is interested in starting a business or running their own venture, then these are some great small business ideas for kids that can be accomplished with very little start-up capital.

Encouraging children to start their own little businesses will help them learn a whole array of skills, as well as give them a new project to get excited about. From budgeting and negotiating to market and creativity, setting up a small business will allow your child to explore new directions and help prepare them for the future. It doesn’t need to be anything too innovative either- steer them in the direction of their own interests and watch your child become an entrepreneur!

small business ideas for children

This article will look at some ideas for small businesses that are easy to set up, whatever your child’s hobbies.

Lemonade seller

Most children will love anything to do with food and drink, especially when they get to make it themselves. And it’s a great way to get them outdoors in the warm weather. Check out local school summer fairs and festivals to see if they’re short of a refreshment stand and get your children selling like a professional!

Bracelet making

One for the creatives, this is a fun hobby to keep your small ones occupied as well as a great way to help them learn about business. Teach them about USPs and suggest they use unusual or unique materials to create their designs. Or encourage them to offer individual pieces, hand-made to order to help them learn about responsibility.

Creating robots

A popular hobby for children is building projects using coding. As well as learning valuable computer and programming capabilities, this teaches children problem-solving, attention to detail and concentration skills.

Children could design and create robotics projects to sell to friends as part of their small business. To help get your child started, choose a Raspberry Pi 4 4Gb Model B Starter Kit to provide them with everything they need to begin creating their own builds.

Writing online toy reviews

If your child has a knack for putting pen to paper, why not suggest becoming a toy or book reviewer? They’ll have lots to say about their favorite (or not so favorite) items, plus it will help with writing, proofing, and grammar skills.


If your child has a skill in something specific, why not encourage them to utilize this and teach others? For example, it could be a sport, a computer-related hobby, or a keen interest in the sciences.


If you have older, responsible children who love spending time with kids, a small babysitting business could be just for them. They could start by asking local friends, family, and neighbors, and offering help on evenings and weekends.

Dog walker

If your older child is an animal-lover, or you have a family pet of your own, dog-walking is a great way for a young person to make some cash whilst enjoying the outdoors. The small business could even be expanded to cover dog-sitting and make them a bit of extra money.

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