Figuring Out Your Next Content? Know What Your Audiences Like Through Their Comments

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Finding ideas for fresh content often becomes a daunting task for content marketers. Not knowing what your audiences would like can make it intimidating to cater to them properly and keep them engaged. For instance, if your audience is looking for informative blogs to help them make decisions, overly promotional content might not be the best. Visit this page to check out how you can gather the audience’s opinions through community chat.

In-depth research into the audience’s tastes and preferences is crucial to the success of a content marketing strategy. Not only does it help improve audience engagement, but knowing exactly what to publish can also make the whole process more efficient.

How Can User Comments Help You Generate Content Ideas?

Running out of content ideas? Many companies or independent bloggers overlook user comments as a valuable resource in this aspect. After all, the comments made by users reflect their thoughts and opinions. Analyzing these can help you better understand what content would perform the best. Here are a few ways in which user comments can help you generate content ideas:

1. Talk To Your Audience

The simplest way to know what your audience is looking for is to ask them. Be a part of the conversation with your audience on your social media channels and talk to them. You could even publish a post simply asking for feedback on how your audience feels about your content and the kind of content they would like to see. Two-way communication with the audience also helps build good relations by attracting their loyalty.

2. Evaluate The Search Intent

Analytical tools are extremely helpful to content marketers for gaining insights into audience behavior. By checking out click-through rates, likes, comments, etc., you can determine why the visitors find interest in your page.

Once you know their intent, you will better understand what type of content they seek. Google Analytics can provide you with a variety of helpful information in this aspect.

3. Answering Their Queries Through Content

Content that answers the audience’s queries is the most effective, as readers naturally find this type helpful. Quite often, brands or individual content creators make the mistake of focusing on topics that appeal to them. However, remember that you create the content for your audience, not yourself.

Go through community chats and user comments to see what’s trending at the moment. Content created around trending topics tends to perform exceptionally well, as visitors are more likely to check it out.

Moreover, content regarding a trending topic also tends to appear more frequently among top search results on Google. Brands that are competitive with their content marketing strategy closely follow ongoing trends.

5. Using Audience Intelligence Tools

Gathering information on your audience’s behavior might help you understand their mindset and interests. Audience intelligence tools analyze the audience and track their behavior, which might give you in-depth information.

Coupled with social listening tools, this can give a content marketer a significant edge in creating quality content for a specific audience.

Although this can take some effort, coming up with the right content ideas can really pay off. The success of your content marketing strategy depends largely on the type of content you publish.

Understanding Your Market By Analyzing Comments

One of the best sources of information regarding the audience is their comments. Discussions in the comments section under a blog, for instance, can help you learn about your audience’s thoughts. Here are a few ways in which analyzing the comments could help you understand the market better:

Focus On Problems Your Users Are Facing

Go through the comments thoroughly to see what problems your users are facing. Genuine criticism is always helpful in improving your content, products, or services. In fact, one of the biggest perks of analyzing comments is that you know exactly what’s wrong and how you can make your users happy. Accordingly, you can chalk out content ideas to solve their problems and earn loyalty.

Understanding The Current Customers

Knowing who your customers are can help you plan your content strategy. This is extremely important, as the same type might not be suitable for every customer. Factors like demographics play an important role in determining how well a specific approach might pay off.

Focus on your current customers to determine what type of content performs the best. This helps you build a strong and consistent follower base who learn to rely on your brand.

Working On The Competition

Competitors are a cause of concern for almost any business. While the chances are high that you already know your biggest competitors, comments can help you grow aware of newer rivals. Often, well-established brands face competition from relatively young startups with a sound business strategy.

Check if the users are talking about any potential competitors in the comments or comparing them to your brand. By analyzing the comments and finding out about such competitors, you can then work on staying ahead of them.

Comments are an extremely valuable resource for a content marketer trying to learn about the market. After all, your target audience expresses their thoughts through the comments. All you have to do is check them out to see what they are talking about.


A brand needs a robust content marketing strategy to maintain a strong presence. It’s crucial to keep track of the audience’s needs and shape the content accordingly to succeed in this aspect.

With comments being a direct expression of their opinions, it is easy to see how analyzing comments could help you pick the right topics for your content. Adding an easy-to-use comments section or creating a community chat feature on your webpage can help you massively.