What do You Need to Do to Ensure Your Business Survival?

Today’s time in which operates small businesses is not something that can ensure a peaceful future where the growth of the business will be guaranteed. The question is what you can do to ensure your business survival?

Customers have the possibility to choose more than ever. The changes in the markets are more and more quickly, so you cannot follow with your eye. Everything around your company makes pressure on you for quick changes if you want to ensure your business survival.

What do You Need to Do to Ensure Your Business Survival

You need to listen to your market, your community, your potential customers, and your customers. Also, you must realign your business according to their needs, desires, and real problems for which they want unique solutions. You need to optimize your business to meet more and more different customer’s needs.

Yes, you are the boss. You are an entrepreneur. The responsibility is yours.

#1 Eliminate the Word “No” From Your Business Vocabulary

In today’s business world, excuses for “No” didn’t exist. If the market wants something, you need to make that. If customers have different needs, you need to meet their new needs.

You can’t say no, it is always yes as an answer for everything around you and your company. You must be ready to accept many strange things if you want to ensure your business survival.

#2 You Need a Flexible Team for Business Survival

Yes, you need a very flexible team that will want to make a difference in your business. You don’t need a hundred questions as to why something must be taken.

Too many questions mean too high inflexibility. They must communicate with customers and potential customers. Also, they must use new technology. They must be flexible. It’s everyone’s responsibility. Your business survival requires much higher flexibility from everyone.

#3 Change is the Part of Everyday’s life in Your Business

Do you have one, only one day without changes in your company? If your answer is yes, then you are in big trouble.

Every morning when you come to your office ask yourself these questions:

  • What I can improve today?
  • What I must change today?
  • How I will change something today?

#4 Implement and Use Suggestion Programs to Ensure Business Survival

Possible improvements are the best when they come from everyone in your business. You are not the smartest person in your company, even you are an entrepreneur.

The best way to use all of your team members to give their own suggestions for improvements is to implement suggestion programs.

#5 Solve All Problems Without Delaying

You don’t get anything if you delay solving the problems in your company. You only get delayed problems. They are there, in your business, and you must take action to solve them.

Today’s working environment cannot wait for your delays. That’s your own problem, not your customer’s problems. Everything needs to be finished yesterday, not tomorrow, even not today.

#6 Remove Problem Causes Permanently if You Want to Ensure Business Survival

You can solve the problem, but your problem-solving process didn’t finish until you don’t remove all causes for a particular problem.

If you don’t find real problem causes and remove them from possible future appearance you are not solving particular problems. The problem will occur again in the future.

#7 Improve Skills of Your Employees

You and your business want skillful employees because your customers need products and services based on the skills of your company.

Don’t forget always to improve the skills of your employees if you want to survive.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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