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Best PC Optimization Software In 2022

PC optimization

If you find yourself a good PC optimizer, your feelings of being stuck with an age-old computer will soon disappear.

But, why?

Well, when you use these optimizers, you get yourself a pretty good deal on revamping your computer, running a security check, boosting its speed, and adding some new functionalities.

Some of these optimizers can also uninstall the default programs that are unnecessary for you without asking your permission.

Some of them will give you detailed reports on how your computer is performing and what its issues are. Thus, you can decide which issue to fix first and which one to fix last based on its technical requirements. 

Find out more about these optimizers here. 

Best PC Optimization Software Of 2022

PC Optimization is essential. You cannot buy a new PC every time your system encounters a technical glitch.

So, stay tuned with our list and find the best software for 2022 here. 

1: AVG TuneUp

Starting from upgrading your software to your PC’s performance, this software is good at everything!!!

The best part of this software is ‘Sleep Mode’ and it detects software with a suspicious process that runs in the background and puts them into sleep mode until one uses them.

This feature also reduces the CPU load and helps optimize your PC in no time.

You can also use this software to delete suspicious and malicious files from your PC. On top of that, deleting software leftovers, cookies, caches, and browser traces are also doable with this program. 


On 2nd rank, we have IOLO System Mechanic software. Its free version allows you to disable unwanted startup programs and has robust functionalities.

The ‘Ultra Performance’ option allocates all of your CPU resources to the current tasks and disables the programs that you don’t need.

You can even use this mode to boost FPS.

This software enables you in designing the power settings and creating custom profiles that are good at controlling how your system performs every time you open it. 

3: DefenceByte

Your PC will have the most advanced performance grip if you use this software. 

  1. Firstly, it provides complete security on your PC’s details and protects your online information with the utmost care.
  2. Secondly, it can delete unnecessary files from your PC so that hackers don’t get additional information from your tracking habits.

It is compatible with Windows and Mac, which means the user base of this software is impressively wide.

The detailed cleaning and scanning feature also allows your PC to get rid of unnecessary files, keeping it clean and reducing its load. 

4: Razer Cortex

Are you a gamer?

If your answer is YES, you’ve come to the right place because Razer Cortex software is recommended especially to gamers.

You can enhance FPS and reduce throttling which can help you fix the driver-related issues pretty soon without even considering pausing the game you are playing on your PC.

There are two modes available here:

  1. You can allocate the CPU resources to boost the game’s speed.
  2. Or, you can turn off the sleep mode and let your CPU get back on its feet.

5. CCleaner

Cleaning up unwanted files and cache from your computer is an essential job and if any software can do it well, it’s CCleaner. 

There are multiple features loaded in this cleaning software and it can clean up your disk space, assess real-time system monitoring, and utilize the best registry-recovery tools.

You can also schedule a specific cleaning schedule so that your daily work does not get disrupted,

You can delete the files permanently that will be impossible to restore or you can edit the list of programs to stay off when you work. 

Do what makes your life easier!

Signing Off


We have enlisted the best PC optimization software that is shaping the technology sector in 2022. We know that we are just at the beginning of 2022 but here we are bragging about these tools because they have the right potential to channelize it in the right direction and capture the right audience.

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